Manage your life with ADCB credit cards in UAE  

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ADCB credit cards

Get the best out of your ADCB credit cards in UAE. With our special offers and rewards, you can manage your life and finances easily. Apply now and get started today!

Credit cards are the most significant part of our lives nowadays. Everyone is currently depending on these small plastic cards and they keep their cards with them all the time. Wherever they are and wherever they go, these cards playing crucial role everywhere in the whole world. The main goal of these credit cards is to facilitate the holders within the territory or outside the territory as well. The credit card will facilitate the people through various services and several entertainment packages.  

In UAE, there are different kinds of credit cards existing in all banks. But here our major concern is about the Abu Dhabi commercial bank credit cards. Adcb offering a unique range of credit cards with lots of privileges and rewards that a holder can enjoy. People of UAE usually ask about the Adcb credit card minimum salary. They will be happy to hear that now they can get a credit card with a minimum salary of 15000 AED. with a minimum age limit of 21 years also. So, you should apply for the card by visiting the branch of ADCB or by calling on the numbers of this bank. Their competitive and humble staff will make you satisfy by answering your all essential questions related to credit cards.  

ADCB Traveler Credit Card  

This credit card is an amazing card attached with incredible features and represented the various traveling benefits. If a cardholder is an adventurous person and likes to travel around the world, this credit card will be beneficial for such a person. A holder can get several traveling advantages and even air traveling and touring will be easier with the traveler credit card. Air tickets and staying at other places will be less expensive with this card because you will get many chances of getting discounts. Many other benefits associated with your traveling will be given to you. Get discounts of up to 20% on several bookings like hoteling and flights. If you want to apply via the online booking service named, so you will obtain cashback also.  

The remaining benefits include night stays, insurance for traveling, lounge access, etc. You will also get the advantages related to the online app for a credit card via which you can easily send your balance to anyone else. Similarly, you can obtain an urgent loan using a credit card. You will have to pay the fee on annual basis also. The fee can be up to 1000 to 1050 AED with the 15000 Adcb credit card minimum salary. You will also apply for this credit card through the message-sending service. Write the SMS by typing ‘TRAVEL’ and send this message to the 2626 number. The second procedure is through the call, just call the bank or center and ask for whatever you want.  

ADCB Touchpoints credit card  

This credit card also comprises fabulous and attractive characteristics and traits. ADCB has a wide and unique range of credit cards in which this card is the most attractive one. As the name shows, it contains a privilege of various touchpoints that will facilitate the customer while shopping and another kind of card surfing. A holder can get favorable several services like staying in hotels, in which you can stay wherever you want in the world. Especially, when you use the service they will give you the facility of vouchers as a gift. The most important feature of this touchpoints credit card is the touchpoints that you will obtain by surfing this card. If you do shoping for about 15000 AED, it means you will attain the touchpoints of 15000.  

These points will be beneficial for you in your future surfing. whenever you do shopping anywhere, these points will help you out that time. Other things involved, entertainment, Golf access, various offers like buy 1 get 1, several discounts on online shopping and online food delivery, etc. You can obtain discounted rides on cream as well and up to 20% discount while ordering from “Talabat”. If you are interested in online ordering from, so you will also obtain a discount from here. Another amazing thing attached to it is, that you can easily control touchpoints credit card functions while sitting at home via mobile app. In which, you can control or block any kind of transactions and withdrawals of ATM or online in UAE. 

ADCB Lulu Titanium credit card  

This card also consists of various types of categories associated with various features. The main aim of this type of credit card is to give enormous facilities like discounts, free vouchers, cashback, lulu points, unrestricted shopping at the lulu market, etc. Whenever you go to hypermarkets or lulu stores this card will give you many advantages. You will receive or earn lots of lulu points as well during the surfing of this lulu titanium credit card. You can use these lulu points wherever you want, especially when you go to lulu shops for buying something, it will facilitate the holder. Not only the points you gain but the many other special rewards, and discounts will be also given to cardholders with it. 

If a cardholder got the points of 5000, so a voucher of 50 AED will be given to that customer. Like other cards, lulu titanium ADCB credit card minimum salary is also 15000. It also gives you the facility of discounts and cashback with online grocery, medicine delivery, and food delivery services. Similarly, You will be able to control your card and can change the setting via the mobile app. You can stop your required transactions as well from everywhere in UAE. The method of applying via message delivery service is just simple and quick. Just write the SMS by typing “LULU” and transfer it to the 2626 number. If you want to know the method of card control, so you should do that by opening the mobile app then clicking “my accounts” then “credit card” and at the end click “card control settings”.  

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