Best credit cards in UAE without Annual Fee is very easy to get

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Best credit cards in UAE without Annual Fee - Emirates Laon

The facility of credit card is almost available in every country of the world. Through this small size of credit card, many financial matters are resolved and several transactions take place. The application procedure for credit cards is not so difficult and people can obtain it via the easiest sources. The main source that is considered the most important and authentic source, is the bank. When you are living in abroad, especially in the United Arab Emirates, so there is no doubt about the banking system of that region. Attaining a credit card in UAE is as simple as instant loan-taking process from a bank. A candidate just has to face some rules and regulations suggested by the bank for the verification of the national identity of that candidate. 

Because many expats approach the banks for taking any financial product and give false info about their location. Therefore, the banks will properly check the candidate before approving. You will find out the various types of credit cards in UAE and every card is associated with amazing services. Every card will give you exciting rewards plus offers. When an individual applies for any type of credit card, the bank will ask a few important questions and the candidate must follow the terms specified by the bank. Let’s explore with us all the specifications associated with credit cards and also we will discuss their major requirements.  

Is there any Best credit cards in UAE without Annual Fee? 

Normally, credit cards comprise an annual fee which can be up to 1000 AED. On some cards, you will have to pay 1000 AED and on some cards, you will have to pay 400 AED. It will depend on the credit card and the facilities attached to that card. But still, there are many credit cards, that will not impose an Annual fee on you. The following cards are as mentioned below:-  

  • FAB Gems credit card  
  • FAB standard credit card 
  • Citibank simplicity credit card  
  • CBD visa platinum credit card  
  • CBD visa infinite Credit card  
  • ADIB value plus card  

FAB standard credit card  

This credit card will give you many facilities along with other financial services. The bank will not ask for any annual fee because this card is offering a 0% Annual fee. So, you don’t have to pay the Annual charges of this card. The minimum salary requirement of this card will be 5000 AED with a 5% cashback offer. A holder can obtain 5% cashback on several items while shopping and dining somewhere in UAE. You can say it is one of the best credit cards in UAE without Annual fee. Other facilities involved auto utility bills paying service, through which anyone can pay bills of different types automatically. The next facility is also very crucial and specially designed for road emergencies. Anytime and anywhere a holder can get roadside assistance service by using this credit card. 

FAB Gems credit card 

Another wonderful credit card is with lots of rewards and it also offers a 0% Annual fee. A holder will obtain special benefits and discount offers with various types of spending. Especially the discount facility will be given to you when you get admission for your child in Gems school. You will get the maximum fee concession from the gems school system, which will be so beneficial for you. Holders can get discounts also on popular places like a dreamland, magic planet, etc. Other things includes the points or stars that a holder can enjoy with shopping, dining, and traveling.  

Citibank simplicity credit card  

This credit card service is also free from Annual charges with the least salary of 5000 AED. When we talk about its ratio for the interest, it will be up to 3.5%. This credit card will not give you the facility like cashback but the other offers are included in it’s services. For example, you can get but 1 get 1 offer in which, many amazing offers are waiting for you. Other remaining offers include entertainment and fun offers within every emirate of the UAE. With this credit card in UAE, there will be no salary transfer required for the repayment method. If you want to send your balance to another account so the charges you will pay for it. The fee for the balance transfer will be about 1%. 

ADIB value plus card  

This is the next most famous card of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, which also comprises lots of privileges for the holder. So that, a holder can enjoy rewards, points, and other specific assistance services like roadside assistance. It will also provide discounts on various things but it will not give you a cashback offer. This credit card is also the most convenient and simple to use from other best credit cards in UAE without Annual fee. If you want to avail the chance to get this card, so make sure your monthly pay should be about 5000 AED. The rate of interest on this card will be 3.09% with adjustable days for the installments. Usually, the duration will be up to 55 days for the repayment.  

CBD visa platinum  credit card  

It is another fabulous card with unique and special features and with a 0% Annual fee. This card is allowing you to take advantage of its cashback offers, which can be multiple offers on various things. You will obtain that credit card in UAE with a minimal amount of 5000 AED. The rewards program contains multiple points for shopping, traveling, and dining within the range of UAE. The chance to win discounts on various types of dining and shopping is always available with this card. Even there is a particular percentage defined with the discounted dining, a holder can enjoy the dining discount on a 25% ratio. The duration for the repayment of this credit card will be up to 22 days and not more than that. So, go and get your required card right now. 

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