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Best banks in UAE  - Emirates Loan

When we talk about the best banks that are prevailing in UAE, so distinct varieties of banks comes into the mind. But one name occurs immediately and that name is Emirates NBD. Yes, Emirates NBD is such a well-known bank that is famous due to its higher level services relevant to finance. Emirates NBD in old days was not one bank by itself. Two different banks were working with different categories and giving different financial services at the top level in UAE. Those two banks were the Emirates bank and the National bank of Dubai.  

Later these two were unified and now transformed into the new largest bank of UAE, which is called Emirates NBD. It is considered the number one bank in terms of the best financial assistance. The other banks include Dubai Islamic bank, and RAK bank. Dubai Islamic bank is also one of the best banks in the UAE. The main aim of all these top-level banks is to scatter their authentic and reliable services with financial products all over the UAE. Their products are famous because of the reasonable rate of interest plus easy accessibility.  

Concept of UAE bank loan  

A bank loan refers to one of the most important and popular commodities or services of a bank. The main objective of a loan is to give aid in time of need or in any such situation that can’t be settled down without urgent cash. UAE bank loan is not only one type you can also find out different categories of loans. These loan services are precisely made for specific purposes. Such purposes are for the help of the nation, people usually take these various loans according to their needs and according to their salary.   

The salary requirement is considered the extensively important part during loan taking process. Except salary, there are much more demands or you can say specific requirements that are specified by the bank’s side. Individuals that do not fall into such specified criteria are not allowed to lend money from banks in the form of loan. The loan in UAE  enormously contain some particular kinds, for example, obtaining a personal loan means you can tackle all private matters via this loan. Similarly, the business loan type will facilitate entrepreneurs at any level with several investment schemes. Other loans like gold, home, and auto loan services are also available for the citizens of UAE. 

The term instant loan in UAE  

When it comes to the point where loans are the priority for the nation, the very latest kind of loan is also involved in these loan categories. This term is called an instant loan or the second name of this loan is a quick cash loan. This loan in UAE is a certain kind that is designed to provide cash in some kind of hurry or emergency need. Even people take that facility during sudden medical emergencies. This loan is helpful in many ways and everyone including the non-residents can grab the chance of it. The only requirement for the instant loan service is a valid ID card of an emirate. So, if you are an expat and want to obtain a quick cash loan, bring your valid ID along with you. Because your ID will be enough to get knowledge about you and your residential status. This loan service will be beneficial for those that are worried about the money for paying their utilities, rent, and other dues. Similarly, a quick cash loan will be helpful while purchasing any electronic item plus any kind of unpaid debt. The amount of an instant loan will be between the range of 1000 to 5000 AED with easy installments and the rate of interest will be also flexible.  

Best banks in UAE with their features  

As mentioned above that, the best banks are known as the Emirates NBD, Dubai Islamic bank, RAKbank, etc. So, here we going to explain their main features and reasons for their popularity.  

  • Top-notch services  

The majority of people like to avail several financial services from these banks including loans, credit cards, insurance, bank accounts, etc. The reason is their quality products with much more benefits, rewards, and facilities.  

  • Easy access  

These banks are easily accessible and these are within the range of every person living in the UAE. There are numerous other branches also exist and scattered all over the UAE. No matter in what emirate you are living right now, you will find out the branch near to you also.  

  • Affordable Rates 

Another important point is, these banks serve the nation via their affordable rates and everyone can pay the installments on time with that rates. That’s why people are more involved in these best banks in UAE. Especially, Dubai Islamic bank believes in the lowest rates of interest and giving services according to Islamic rules. 

  • Online availability  

This point is the basic and most important to note that these banks are now giving their services through online web pages or web portals. Now, while staying at home anyone can apply for a loan, credit card, bank account or any other services related to these banks.  

Criteria for loans in these best banks in UAE 

If you want to know the criteria of your chosen bank within these best banks in UAE, so you should follow the 2 basic procedures. The first one is to visit the adjacent branch of that bank by showing them your appearance. The second one is from the online advance method. Both will be enough to tell you the criteria because every bank suggested its specific criteria. The minimum salary will start from 3000 AED and it will be ended up with 10000 AED for all kinds of loans. Similarly, these best banks in UAE will mention their required papers including the trading license and driving license for both business and auto loan respectively. You will have to appear with your valid passport and visa if you are an outsider and not a permanent citizen of the UAE.   

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