Best credit card in UAE 2023

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Best credit card in UAE 2023 - Emirates Loan 

In this modern present era, everyone like to have a credit card rather than the other way for depositing and withdrawing cash. All around the globe, people now depend on credit cards in every field of their life. Whether it’s about money deposition, money withdrawal process, or whether it’s about shopping or paying bills. Credit cards took place everywhere, due to their huge Advantages. Credit cards make life much easier through various amazing services, and its online services are now on top trending.  

Here, our main concern is the best credit card in UAE 2023 and what are the functions of that specific credit card. How can this credit card make life so comfortable for Arabian people in UAE? This blog will highlight the features of the best credit card in the UAE. what kind of latest features are added to this year 2023? let’s begin to understand the importance of credit cards in the United Arab Emirates.  

  Features of best credit cards in UAE  

With the arrival of credit cards, many facilities also came with it to make life easier. Here are some brilliant features attached with credit cards to facilitate and empower all kinds of people around the globe.  

  • Online Transaction  

The best credit card consists of advanced options and features related to online money transactions. This transfer of money is of any type, small or large as well. So, the best credit card shouldn’t create any mismanagement when money transfers from one place to another.  

  • Fast deposit And withdraw  

A Good credit card also has the feature of a fast deposit and withdrawal of cash at any place and at any time.  

  • Urgent need 

Whenever you need a card in an emergency or on an urgent basis, it should work well and fast. It’s the best feature of the best credit card.

  • Online shopping 

The card should be useful while shopping at any place especially, in shopping malls. A good card will not create any disturbance in your shopping. If you want to buy something online so, it should work well also in online shopping.  

  • Online billing  

The best credit cards also give the facility of online billing, now you are free from long Que outside the banks for the bill deposition. Now at home, you can do this task, it will save your time as well.  

  • Extra Benefits 

You will get many extra benefits with a good credit card on a regular or monthly basis from the bank.  

  • Less time consuming  

You can do a variety of different tasks without wasting too much time outside the home.    

Best credit card in UAE  

If we talk about the best credit cards in the United Arab Emirates, so there is a huge list of cards due to their advanced features. The most famous and best credit card in UAE 2022 is Dubai Islamic bank’s platinum credit card.  

  DIB platinum card Qualities and features  

  • Dubai Islamic bank issued this credit card with lots of unique and special offers and more benefits. 
  • Whenever you use a DIB card somewhere, it will give you the cashback facility also. For example, if you are using the card for paying the bills, shopping, fuel deposits, etc.   
  • If you use your card within the amount limit and time limit, it will beneficial for maintaining your scores. Through this, you can get extra rewards on regular basis and can get some extra points also.  
  • Through this best credit card in UAE 2023,  you can get also a chance to win airline tickets, and free medical treatment. You can enjoy various offers of discounts on shopping, and much more. 
  • If you order food delivery so, you can also get a discount of up to 40% to 50% and can get 30% to 40% off while purchasing cinema tickets. There are much more rewards and benefits through which you can get a chance of a free round of golf in Dubai and UAE.

Eligibility for credit card 

People used to ask about the eligibility criteria for credit cards in UAE and what are the requirements while applying for credit cards? Here are the answers to all various kinds of questions.  

  • UAE has different types of requirements as compared to other countries, according to UAE rules, if you are 21 years old, you will be qualified to apply for a credit card here.
  • If you want to apply for the best credit card in UAE 2023 so, your salary or monthly income should not be less than 5000AED.  
  • The third and most important requirement while applying for a credit card in UAE is your credit history, it will be considered. Do not worry, if you are applying for the first time, for such a newcomer, banks issue secured credit cards. Through a secured card, you will not face any difficulty with your credit history checking process. 


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