Minimum salary for a credit card in UAE

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Minimum salary for a credit card in UAE 

Credit cards are now the most fundamental part of our life and we are addicted to this kind of monetary facility. It is a small piece of plastic, which is considered the most valuable thing nowadays. In the present era, our shopping is incomplete without using a credit card, it’s a compulsory element of our life. There are many brilliant qualities attached to a credit card people are crazy about it. Especially, when we talk about the natives of UAE, they just love to have it.

For getting the facility of credit card, they come to the bank for applying. Especially, the young generation wants it badly due to its amazing benefits. They usually ask about the credit card in Dubai and they try to apply through its online website. No matter, if you doing shopping, doing grocery, or buying anything else credit card will always help you out on the spot. People of UAE just love to take with them on regular basis.


Minimum salary range for best credit cards in UAE


Now let’s talk about the main debate, that everyone wants to know. It’s about the minimum range of salary for making the new credit card. Normally, it depends on the bank or financial institution where you trying to apply. You should first gain information about the bank’s requirements. The majority of banks and other institutions will allow you to make minimum salary for a credit card in UAE range of 5000 AED. The banks fixed this range of 5000 AED and you will not get this facility if your pay is less than 5000 AED.


What are the criteria for applying for a credit card? 

The second most frequently asked question is about the criteria for applying this amazing facility of credit card in the UAE. So the answer is, according to the eligibility criteria your specific personal details matter a lot. Especially, your age, if you want to own a credit card, so you must be at least 21 years old. Few banks may consider the age factor less than this, but the majority of banks will accept your application after looking at your age of 21. After the age factor, the next thing, that will consider is the salary, the minimum salary for a credit card in UAE should be at least 5000 AED. The next thing that the bank will check is your ID card of UAE and valid passport/visa if you are coming from outside the UAE.



Features of best credit cards in UAE 

  • The best credit card has a quality that you can use anywhere and anytime without facing any difficulty. It should be fast and updated all the time, especially in the case of heavy object’s purchasing time.


  • Best credit card will give you accuracy and many other rewards on every purchase. Whenever you buy something, it will facilitate you via good scores and best points.



  • It will give its holder numerous gift hampers, cashback facilities, various tour and trips chances, discounted prices on shopping, etc. It should be better than the other prevailing cards.


What bank will check before allowing you a credit card?  

Bank will check out your previous record of cash or your account balance. Through which bank will decide to allow the credit card to you. For this purpose, banks and institutions will ask about your old bank statements and they may also check your certificate of salary. So that, they can judge your ability to pay for credit cards on regular basis. You should be aware of all these requirements while applying for a credit card in UAE.



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