FAB Credit Cards are providing incredible offers to the people of UAE 

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FAB credit cards offers

This bank FAB is an abbreviation of the First Abu Dhabi Bank, which is the most popular and biggest bank in the United Arab Emirates. This bank was created to bring the most sufficient financial aid to the people of UAE. The date when it was formed in Abu Dhabi was 2017 and the month was April. The main head office of this bank is in the Abu Dhabi emirate of UAE. There are lots of unique features are connected with this bank and many services also attached to it. The several services that are available in it are of top quality products regarding finance. There is a huge list of its amazing range of financial products that the bank is giving for many years. In this stock of financial products our major highlighted topic is FAB credit card offers within the range of UAE. 

The list of the credit card offers provided by Fab is not consist of a small scale. A huge variety of different kinds of offers, deals, and rewards are included in this list. Other products are also equally famous in the whole UAE with these credit cards range. You will find here the most amazing insurance policies also with a well-defined structure of account opening and loan taking. Today we are going to highlight the major offers given by FAB about credit cards in UAE.  

Enormous and exciting offers given by FAB with credit cards  

  • Welcome Treat  

First of all, when you take the facility of credit card from FAB, you will also obtain a sweet welcome treat. That treat is from the bank and it will be in the form of a bonus. Yes, FAB will give you a welcome bonus of almost AED 300 along with your new credit card facility. The bank always tries to make their customers happier with exciting gifts like a welcome treat at the beginning of the credit card journey. So, get the chance right now and make your starting point good with this fabulous gift from FAB.  

  • Cashback offers 

Another amazing advantage of these credit cards is the several cashback offers with every kind of dining and shopping via this card. Especially when you go outside shopping somewhere in UAE malls and you use this card at that time. you will receive FAB credit cards offers specifically related to the cashback. Even whenever you want to go for a grocery at supermarkets and when go to the petrol pumps to refill the fuel. You will get a specific proportion of cashback, which can be up to 5%. Similarly, when you pay your utility bills through these credit cards, the same percentage of cashback will be also given to you.  

  • Discounts 

Another great opportunity is to get various discount deals on regular basis. Many items or products are involved that you purchase during shopping. Discounted rates will be given to you as well if you do heavy product purchasing. For example, in the case of wedding furniture shopping at branded shops and when you buy huge electronic items from top-class malls. You will get the best-discounted prices on all these items through your credit cards in UAE 

Similarly, the other most important part of this discount facility is the discounted school fee advantage by using this credit card. whenever you need to pay the school fee for your little one, at that time this card will be also there to help you. It will be helpful with its discounted fee option. So, grab the chance and gift yourself the extensively beneficial credit card in UAE. 

  • Entertainment bundles  

These bundles are including lots of things relevant to fun, games, adventure, and many more exciting things. If you love to watch different movies like to play various games, like to go on trips and adventures alone or with family. So, these cards will turn your life more exciting and wonderful with their entertainment bundle. In which you will attain movie tickets and vouchers free of cost. You will also get free entries to various fitness clubs and a free parking facility will be also a part of this card.  

  • Traveling offers  

In traveling offers, you may obtain numerous discount offers on your air tickets. you can also get discounts on foreign country travel packages plus discounted prices on staying at hotels outside the country. These Amazing FAB credit card offers are not only valid in UAE but also valid internationally. Because the chain of this bank is expanded throughout the world. No matter, which country you are living you can connect with your credit card anywhere in the world.  

  • Online order discounts  

When it’s about the online discount facility, so you will not disappointed with this also. Because FAB credit cards are also providing you special discounts whenever you want to order something online. Yes, whether you order online food or do online shopping. You will attain discounts on every order, even you will get discounts on online cab booking like Kareem.   

How can we get these credit cards from FAB in UAE? What are the requirements?  

The first thing you should know about it, is it’s salary requirement. Because the credit card variety is huge and salary will be depend on the specific type of card. But normally credit card and cashback credit cards in UAE salary will be up to 5000 AED. Another thing involved is the annual fee, which will be more than 300 AED. The bank will give you a specific period for the repayment also. The duration will be up to 56 days, during which you will have to clear your payment.  

How can we contact FAB? 

There are 3 major ways through which you can contact the FAB to get your credit card. The first one is through their available calling numbers, the second way is by visiting the branch that is near to your hometown. The third way is through the mobile application method, which is very easy to use.  

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