Exchange the happiness with reliable Emirates NBD Exchange Rate

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NBD exchange rate

The rate of exchange refers to the prevailing price of the exchanged currency, which is get via the transferring or receiving of money. This foreign transformation of money will happen between two countries of the world. This conversion of money is usually known as the money exchange. There are specific exchange rates attached with every transferring or receiving session of foreign exchange.  

These money exchange rates depend upon the country you selected for exchange money and the currency rate of that country. NBD exchange rate makes your transactions simple and easy with many foreign exchange branches, that are scattered in the whole UAE. If you have any questions or queries regarding the foreign exchange or exchange rates of NBD in UAE, this article is for you. This will clear your mind about the fluctuations of exchange rates prevailing in different countries and NBD UAE. Just check out all these essential points with the rates of various countries.  

Compulsory points with various advantages of NBD exchange rate

  • Money Transfer within a few seconds 

Now you can send the money to your loved ones within a few seconds through the NBD money exchange or NBD exchange rate. Doesn’t matter, in which country your loved ones are living in, via NBD you can easily send money to their country. The most highlighted names of countries are Pakistan, Philippines, India, Egypt, and Sri Lanka. You can exchange the amount with these countries without facing any interruption. The rate of interest of NBD will be also reasonable and less compared to other foreign exchange rates. Even you can transfer money to the UK within a few minutes and with the best rates. So, what are you waiting for, grab your chance and send the money to your loved ones with satisfaction?  

  • Foreign currency rates with foreign accounts  

If we talk about the rates of foreign accounts, so it will give you reliable interest rates. These interest rates will be applied to foreign accounts, for example, foreign fixed deposit accounts and foreign currency accounts. Organize your all accounts effectively through the NBD exchange rates and make your transactions fastest and safest. You can send money within the range of more than 100 countries throughout the world.  

  • Cash in another currency  

No issue if you want to exchange your cash with another currency, NBD exchange will do it for you confidently. Now you can purchase or sell another different currency with available sources of NBD exchange, especially the online sources. Online available sources including online banking or other apps related to foreign exchange. This method is convenient and most people like to use it. You can do it also through other formal methods and exchange the money through several branches.  

  • Transactions in Accounts 

Exchange your money from one account to another account in any foreign currency you want with lesser rates. This transfer will happen within the boundary of emirates NBD, you just need to give your old or existing account number. This procedure will be free of cost, you don’t have to pay any charges for transferring the money into foreign currency. There are specific limitations of dirhams transformation within your another account or from your account to anyone else’s account.  

  • The facility of Western Union 

Western union is scattered throughout the world within more than 200 countries, where you can transfer amounts immediately. This source works with reliable Emirates NBD foreign exchange rates throughout the world. It is the fastest and most reliable money exchange service, which is specifically designed for individuals. Only individuals can send or receive money, no businessmen are allow due to the limited range of transactions. You can send or receive the money almost up to 25000 AED at a time.    

Rates of NBD foreign exchange 

Following mentioned below are the names of countries with their currencies, codes, and rates:-   

  • One New Zealand dollar (NZD), is equivalent to 2.224 AED. 
  • One Australian Dollar (AUD), is equal to 2.451 Emirati Dirham. 
  • One UK sterling pound (GBP), is equivalent to 4.335 Emirati Dirham 
  • One Pakistani (PKR), is equal to 0.016 AED. 
  • One Saudi riyal (SAR), is equivalent to 0.962 Emirati Dirham. 
  • One US Dollar (USD), is equal to  3.653 AED    

 Important points to Remember  

Some important points you should keep in your mind while receiving or sending any amount via foreign exchange:-  

  • Make sure the information you are giving there, should be authentic and accurate because a minor mistake can leads you to pay a penalty.  
  • If you want to cancel your request for a money transfer in Emirates NBD foreign exchange, you should go to the branch within that day. submit your request within a day and do not delay it, you can also call the branch. The staff of Emirates NBD will be there to assist you at any time.  




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