Dubai Islamic Bank Personal Loan is sharia-based entirely

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Dubai Islamic Bank Personal Loan - Emirates Loan

Dubai Islamic bank is a great way to start the day with the settlement of financial issues in an Islamic way. It is such a bank that allows its clients to get the assistance of all kinds without paying additional charges. Even you will not have to pay the high-interest rates on various types of loans in DIB. With all other financial products, the Dubai Islamic bank personal loan is entirely based on Islamic regulations and DIB is precisely following all those rules. This sharia-based bank will give you loan services with Islamic benefits and you will not face any kind of complications with these loans.   

It will provide every assistance relevant to loans for all UAE locals and also for expats living here. It will allow various loan services including personal loan based on “ Musawamah”. Through this, you can resolve all your matters relevant to finance in an Islamic manner. The installment of Dubai Islamic bank personal loan will be also relaxing and adjustable for all people. These are not with the high-interest rates, therefore will not put a heavy burden on the candidate’s pocket. This article is based on Dubai Islamic bank’s service related to personal loan.  

DIB personal loan features  

  • Exclusively sharia law-based 

There are lots of best Islamic banks in the UAE, and Dubai Islamic bank is one of those. This bank is especially constructed for all those people that are so much conscious about interest rates. If you are also one of those that are strictly against the high-interest rates, so this bank is for you. Apply for a personal loan and pay the affordable rates. It will be also a satisfactory step because it will internally satisfy you.  

  • Especially for salaried persons 

This is another biggest feature of Dubai Islamic bank that it will give a personal loan service to all salaried individuals. The major reason behind this scenario is to make them stable and settle down in their lives by giving them a personal loan at the lowest rates. Sometimes Personal loan in UAE is a wish of such individuals. Because they can not afford their home expenditures, study expenses, medical expense, and other essential utilities. All these financial issues can be sorted out with the help of the DIB personal loan facility.  

  • Online availability  

Now, this Dubai Islamic bank is providing the facility of personal loan through the simplest source. Which is known as an online source or you can also called the amazing Islamic online banking system of DIB. This method will be the best and most useful that can give you prompt and effective results. Online procedure is also known as the less time-consuming method. It can give you the best accurate information also about the DIB and it’s financial activities.  

  • Affordable reimbursement  

This privilege will be useful for the expats, especially when they are also job holders because they all want affordable reimbursement. So, Dubai Islamic bank is here to give them their required and expected installment of the personal loan facility. Dubai Islamic bank personal loan is creating positive vibes among salaried individuals and they are very satisfied with its services.  

  • Well maintained faculty  

The faculty members of DIB are the most humble, decent, and generous. This is also considered the biggest success of this bank because they show well-maintained behavior towards their customers. Even if the clients are rude but the staff always remain cool and show the best behavior in front of them.  

Means of taking personal loan except for bank 

  • Via showing appearance at the branch  

If you want to obtain a personal loan from the Dubai Islamic bank, so you should be ready with all your documents including the ID card of your emirate. Because you will have to show your appearance by visiting the bank’s branch. That branch can be nearer to your home or your hometown also. To get relevant information about all these matters, stay connected with the bank staff via their calling numbers.  

  • Via internet source  

The second source of attaining a personal loan from Dib is so simple and easy. Now, avail the Dubai Islamic bank personal loan by sending an online request for a loan on their website. Every detail about the bank and the bank’s products will be also available there. That will be easily accessible, even you can also get the monthly EMI result by using their online calculating tool.  

  • By Mobile phone SMS  

The third most convenient and easy source is mobile phone SMS. You just have to type the “SIA” and send this SMS to the destination of 4222.  

  • By downloading App  

The fourth source includes the mobile phone app method. It is also known as the most advanced method because via this source you can easily send the loan request by using your mobile phone. Just install the DIB mobile app on your Android phone and get a personal loan in UAE. This procedure comprises a few essential online steps, you have to follow these steps after which you will receive a confirmation email or message about the loan.  

Specified Criteria for DIB personal loan    

  • The minimum requirement for the salary of an individual is 3000 AED.  
  • your age should be not more than 60 years and  minimum, it should be 21 years.  
  • Prepare the papers like credit history or bank statements. That should be about 4 to 6 months old.  
  • Non-residents will be allowed to take a personal loan with their visa and passport copies.  
  • The salary certificate will be also mandatory for the Dubai Islamic bank personal loan service 
  • If you have a driving license and trade license, it will be beneficial for you to bring these along with you.   

Amount of loan and Interest  

For the local citizens, the amount of the loan will be up to 4 million and for expats, it will be 2 million AED. Interest rates are of both types, the constant and the variable. The constant will be up to 10% to 11% and the variable will be up to 20%.  



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