• Weather Alert: UAE Delegation Problems Threatening To Residents

      October 9, 2018    

    Dubai: The UAE Embassy in New York City delivered a weather alert to citizens over the Category 3 tornado that is likely to hit the northern Gulf Coast on Wednesday.

    UAE powers that be counseled Emiratis to follow emptying measures, and advised citizens to contact the consulate in the happening of an emergency.

    UAE Consulate in New York City said: “Attention: UAE citizens in Florida, Hurricane Michael is strengthening and expected to make landfall in the northern Gulf Coast on Wednesday. Stay tuned to local news for safety instructions and evacuation procedures. For emergencies, please call 911 and do not hesitate to call the consulate at +1 646 630 2575 for further assistance.”

    On Monday night, the hurricane was nearing in on Cuba and prediction to thrust through the Gulf of Mexico before moving inland over the northern Gulf Coast of Florida, the Miami-based National Hurricane Centre (NHC) said.

    The Category 1 tornado is probably to turn into a ferocious Category 3 tornado — with the power to evacuate trees, block roads and knock out power for days, by the time it hits Florida on Wednesday, before moving transversely the southeastern United States through Thursday.

    The US National Hurricane Centre warned residents in Florida’s Gulf Coast to formulate for “life-threatening” winds, and said that Hurricane Michael is likely to produce heavy rain and gaudy floods in parts of western Cuba and northeastern Mexico during the next few days.

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