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If you are an ex-pat or a UAE national and you are seeking a personal loan in UAE to fulfill your personal needs likes, kids’ Higher education in the best *University of UAE or International, marriage Ceremony or want to buy an asset in your Home Towns like home, land or any other property, and renovating your home then no problem you are in right place, Emirates Loan is here to full fill your needs and requirements. You are one step away to achieve your goals just fill the form and Emirates Loan provides you with the suitable interest rates for the high amounts and the desired finance tenures of Personal Loan in Dubai. 

Mesmerize yourself with our fantabulous personal loan in UAE 

Our best service of personal loan will bring a smile on your face with the most suitable and adjustable rate of the loan. No one can beat our financial product in the form of a loan. That is specifically designed to maintain your personal life as well as your professional life. Our service Personal loan in UAE will surely elaborate the whole structure related to this loan and its relationship with natives and expatriates.   

The most essential thing that most natives want to know is the rates or amount of our loan service. You will be glad to know that we offer really interesting and flexible rates for both, expats and locals. You will find out the most amazing and best personal loan rates in UAE. Both parties can directly contact us via our calling service or through our social media platform. Where our active staff will respond to you at that moment. Personal loans will be given to residents and non-residents at different rates according to their needs and professional background.   

Go through our fascinating service of private finance in Dubai 

We will make your dream come true of your higher education via private finance. Many individuals prevailing in UAE can not bear the expense of high education. But now they can avail the chance of higher degree with our this private loan facility. Similarly, Whenever you need to give support to your family and friends to make them happy, so give them a surprise.  With a beautiful prize through our precious gift of private finance in Dubai.   

If someone can not tackle the situation of any kind of dispute and want to resolve it via cash. No worries, all your conflicts will be sorted out soon and you will feel so safe and secure with your family. Our loan will be very helpful and valuable for you to solve many other prevailing problems in your life. You may face some kind of medical issue in your family, due to which you need to arrange a huge amount for surgical procedures. In such circumstances, you may need our assistance to recover the operating expense. Therefore our brilliant private finance loan in Dubai is always available to make this difficult time easy for you.   

Take advantage of our cheapest loan in Dubai  

If you are thinking about the rates and interest ratio percentages of our personal loan. So, it will surely amaze you due to its affordable nature, anyone can get the opportunity to have it. No issue, if you are running a small business and if you are doing a job on a small scale, you can effortlessly obtain it. You will find it the most accurate and cheapest loan in Dubai, you will appreciate it so much. Usually people not only like our service but also recommend it to take it and share it with other people. so you should also try it once to make your life easy with our service.   

Most of the company owners also show their interest in our loan service, therefore they ask about it and want to get more info. If your company is in the list of bank loan, so the bank will surely approve your loan without going further deep. But if the company is not mentioned in the list of bank loan so, no issue at all and do not take the stress. Because we will give you a personal loan in Dubai without a company listing also. That you can get equally with others on the same terms and conditions.   

Stay cheerful with our best personal loan in UAE 

The reason is whatever but the solution is only one, that is our loan service in UAE. Suddenly a situation may arise in which arrangement of cash on an urgent basis is not possible and it will cause a stressful situation. But not now, because you got the right place, where we will provide your required loan as soon as possible. you will not have to wait to receive our best personal loan in UAE, after that every financial issue can be easily adjusted. Our old customers are very satisfied with our services and they always rely on us with good feedback.   

We gives the guarantee of our loan rates in Dubai 

Whenever it’s about the rates, these are neither so much high nor too much low. These are better than the other prevailing loan rates in UAE, you can compare these as well. Normally rates depend upon the bank, where you are taking your loan and secondly it will depend on the customer. Loan rates for the citizens of UAE are different from the loan rates for expats living here. For natives, the loan rate in Dubai is about 4 million but on the other hand, expats can take benefit from a loan of 2 million AED. The ratio of interest for both communities is also varied with installments and duration.   

Make your life easier via our promising service of personal loan in Dubai 

Obtaining private loan in UAE is not a problem here because we are here to give the top financial solutions along with this facility of personal loan. Usually, candidates apply for a loan to maintain any kind of old debt or they want to tackle any serious situation existing at their working place. There can be lots of other reasons but the solution is one and is near to you. With our best personal loan in Dubai, you can handle all kinds of private matters. This service is specifically made to give you high-level assistance regarding personal loans in Dubai, UAE. Now our customers are much more comfortable because this loan is also beneficial for all kinds of wedding expenses. We also give them reliable suggestions and recommendations related to personal loan, so that they can easily make minds about obtaining a loan.    

We intend to give you a loan service without transferring your salary 

We know very well about our customer's need and their demands. People are usually not interested in loans when they force to transfer their salary directly to the bank account on monthly basis. Do not worry, because we are not going to impose such restrictions on you. We respect your choice and we will ask you about your requirement for a salary. We deal in personal loans in UAE without salary transfer, yes! You should be relaxed to hear that. you can pay your installments via the formal procedure. This issue is mostly raised by expats of Dubai especially because they do not want to send their monthly salary. so we give them relief via this option to satisfy our beloved expats.   

We deal with the best private finance in UAE with accuracy  

A private loan is mandatory and essential not only for job holders but necessary for business owners and investors as well. They can easily handle all business-related tasks, that are incomplete due to the shortage of money. Through our best private finance in UAE they can grab the opportunity to make their business more detailed and accurate than before. An owner can also invest in a business or can make its production line more accurate with our best loan service. There can be many other things involved in the business sector. For example, handling of wages and bonuses, renovations of working place, arrangement of raw material, advertising campaigns and much more, etc. All these things required huge capital or investment to sort out the situation. We made this loan category according to all these needs also.   

Personal Loan for Expats with Transfer in UAE 

Do you want to get a personal loan for ex-pats without salary transfer in Dubai UAE? Don’t need to worry, contact us to apply for personal loans in UAE banks. Emirates Loan is one of the best names as it provides different types of loans all over the cities of UAE. 

A personal loan calculator can also be useful for determining the monthly EMI. It can be useful for individuals who want to consolidate multiple high-interest debts or need money for big purchases. The UAE is home to many different financial products and get your loan on the specific terms and conditions which you will find on the website.  

Required Documents

  • Application completed and signed by the customer
  • Salary certificate / Salary slips
  • Bank statement (three months)
  • Copy of a resident visa/valid passport/ Emirates ID (originals must also be presented)
Banque Misr
Rate: 10%*
Tenur: 4 years
250,000 MAX
Rate: 5.99%*
Tenur: 4 Years
100,000 MAX
Standard Chartered Bank personal Finance (SCB)
Rate: 7.05%*
Tenur: 4 years
1,000,000 MAX
Union National Bank Personal Finance (UNB)
Rate: 4.50%*
Tenur: Up to 48 months
20 Times of Your salary
National Bank of Umm Al Qaiwain (NBAQ)
Rate: Depends on discretion of the bank*
Tenur: Up to 48 months
20 Times of Your salary
First Gulf Bank (FGB)
Rate: 24%*
Tenur: Not mentioned
200,000 MAX
National Bank of Fujairah (NBF)
Rate: 6.25%*
Tenur: Up to 48 months
20 Times of Your salary
Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD)
Rate: 4.5%*
Tenur: Up to 48 months
Nationals 2500000
Exapats 1500000
Rate: 3.3% to 5.99%*
Tenur: 48 Months
1250000 MAX
Noor Bank
Rate: Flat rate: 2.75% Reducing rate: 4.56% *
Tenur: Up to 48 months
1000000 MAX
Finance House
Rate: 16% - 25%*
Tenur: Up to 48 months
250000 MAX
United Arab Bank (UAB)
Rate: 5.48%*
Tenur: Upto 4 years
2500000 MAX
ADIB Non Salary Transfer
Rate: 16% to 18%*
Tenur: Up to 4 years
200000 MAX
ADIB Debt settlement
Rate: 6.75% - 9.98%*
Tenur: Up to 4 years
200000 MAX
ADIB Salary transfer
Rate: 7.25% - 18%*
Tenur: Up to 4 years
200000 MAX
Citibank Salary Transfer
Rate: 4.99% - 14.99%*
Tenur: Up to 48 months
1000000 MAX
Rate: 2.63% - 4.99%*
Tenur: Nationals 60 and Expats: 48 months
2500000 MAX
Mashreq Bank
Rate: 6.25*
Tenur: Up to 48 month
1000000 MAX
ADCB for Expats
Rate: 4.99% - 13.99%*
Tenur: Up to 4 years
3000000 MAX
ADCB Personal Finance for Nationals
Rate: 4.99% - 13.99%*
Tenur: Up to 4 years
3000000 MAX
Emirates NBD salary transfer
Rate: 2.63% - 4.99%*
Tenur: Up to 4 years
500000 MAX
Emirates NBD Personal Finance for self-employed
Rate: 2.63% - 4.99%*
Tenur: Up to 4 years
500000 MAX
Emirates NBD Personal Finance for professionals
Rate: 2.63% - 4.99%*
Tenur: Up to 4 years
500000 MAX
Sharjah Islamic Bank personal Finance
Rate: 3.79% - 6.87% *
Tenur: At the discretion of the bank
20 times of Your salary
Arab Bank Personal loan
Rate: 5.99%*
Tenur: Up to 4 years
550000 MAX

Representative Example

For Example, Mr. Sheiklh apply a loan of AED 100,000/- for 3 years and interest rate is 10% APR.

1-year interest will be = 10,000/- and 3-years interest will be = 30,000/-

Principle amount = 100,000/- Total interest = 30,000/-

Total amount payable in 3 years (36 month) = 130,000/-

Monthly installment will be = 3611.11/- Processing fee will 1% of Loan amount = 1000/-

DISCLAIMER: These rates are purely for information purpose. Emirates loan is taking no responsibility about the interest rates and any changes in the rates. Banks have authority to change in the interest rates at any time.

Key Features

  • No Charges
  • Fastest Processing
  • Easy Documentation
  • Lowest Interset Rates.
  • Flexible Repayment Plans.