• UAE Embassy Matters Warning To Emiratis OMAN

      October 17, 2018    

    The Embassy General of the United Arab Emirates in Muscat has issued a weather warning to Emiratis in the region after the Public Authority for Civil Aviation in Oman gave its sixth prepared on the class one hot cyclone, Laban.

    The embassy sent the warning on its official account, asking UAE inhabitants living in Oman to exercise carefulness and stay adjusted to local news for safety commands and removal measures.

    In case of an emergency, residents can contact the local helplines at 0096824400002, or the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs at 80044444," the consulate said.

    According to a report in the Times of Oman, the storm's center has been originating to be located 240 kilometers from Salalah. The speed of the wind has been recorded to be 45-55 knots in the locality of the storm center.

    The Public Specialist for Civil Aviation has delivered an optional, asking citizens and residents to take complete defenses and to avoid offering into low lying areas and the wadis.

    Coming three Days no direct effect on UAE:

    The hot storm west of the Arabian Sea, known as Laban, has no direct effect on the UAE over the coming three days, according to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM).

    "The tropical storm is continuing to move west-northwest toward the Omani and Yemeni coasts. The wind speed around the center will be 110 to 90 km/hr. during the upcoming 24 hours. The center of the storm will cross the land next Sunday," NCM’s report.

    The NCM is carefully nursing the situation on the hour and will provide informs consequently, additional the statement, influence the public to follow up the official reports and avoid conversations.

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