• UAE Companies Offering Unlimited Annual Leave To Their Employees

      October 13, 2018    

    Just think about the working in the company where you are free to take unlimited vacations and nobody can calculate the record of your leave.

    Dubai-based ride-hailing service, Careem has an 'Unlimited Vacation' strategy in their company. Employees can take as many vacation days as they like each year according to their own need.

    And it is not the first company to have an open holiday strategy. Internationally, Netflix and Virgin group have surveyed this strategy for the past few years.

    The lucidity behind the policy is companies claim that it helps them attract and recollect the best talent. They can easily approach the best talent.

    "We also trust those colleagues to take ownership and responsibility, which means we don't need to mandate work/life balance. We want everyone to feel empowered to make decisions that are in their own best interests and the interests of Careem and we trust our colleagues to manage their tasks and projects, "Careem posted.

    What’s your opinion about this concept? Would you like to work in a company that has 'Unlimited holidays' strategy?

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