• Time Lost the UAE Village in Sand

      January 5, 2019    

    Sharjah: Erie silence will welcome you as you force over the rolling dunes into what turned into as soon as a small village outside the town of Al Madam.

    Lying in ruins now, the village, according to locals within the place, was once inhabited with the aid of Al Kitbi tribe, one of the 3 distinguished tribes living in and around Al Madam, a small metropolis governed with the aid of Sharjah emirate.

    Abandoned a few a long time again, the village now lies half of buried in sand, and nobody is exactly certain why. It can be the jinn (supernatural creatures that Arabs and Muslims believe exist in this global, however now not seen to human eyes; the creatures are also stated in the Quran) or the inhospitable wilderness or an aggregate of each, so the nearby legend is going.

    Relatively, Google Map locates the ‘Buried Village’ pretty accurately, but you will need a 4wd to cowl the very last stretch of the direction that results in the village or an excellent pair of legs if making a decision to walk.

    Once you input the village, which constitutes two rows of equal houses and a mosque inside the way’s nook, the silence might startle you, straight away giving a sense that there is something uncommon about this place. Deserted houses 1/2 included through sand inside the village outdoor the metropolis of Al Madam.

    As you stroll via the village, greeted by means of the quietness of the atmosphere and emptiness of the houses, you might realize that this is greater than just an abandoned village. Instead, with this constant feeling of the area being haunted, the village won't be deserted in spite of everything.

    However, if you manage to exorcize the creepy mind that commonly hang-out one’s thoughts while travelling such places, you'll be in for some great exploration around the homes which might be 1/2 buried through the dunes.

    No sooner had we reached the compound wall of the primary house we decided to explore, we found something that mystified the aura of the location in addition. a pair of perfectly fresh apples and a peach became located on a mound of sand subsequent to a compound wall. How might you give an explanation for that now?

    And including in addition to the thriller, a few atypical numbers could be visibly written on the fruits. won’t that freak you out?

    Hassle or not, we have been decided to discover extra. And for the following couple of hours, we entered one house after any other and located rooms included by means of partitions of sand. Dunes can be located settled for the top in cozy-looking living rooms and bedrooms.

    After a couple of hours of incident-loose exploring, we grew in self-belief and realized that we haven’t yet angry the jinn, so our next prevent become the mosque in the nook of the village. And what do we find there? Another apple with extra odd numbers on it.


    Just while we had been deliberating terminating the exploration, we noticed a car coming towards us. Driving inside the automobile has been Bedouin teens from Al Shuaib, a neighbouring town. They, too, have been not sure approximately the reasons for the abandonment.

    “The sand right here is certainly inhospitable. What we know from our elders is this place changed into constructed for Al Kitbi tribe, however, they abandoned it after dwelling here for some time. Human beings say there is something in the sand here, it invades the homes. Whether or not it is the character of the sand or there is something extra to it, we don’t recognize,” stated Ayyub Al Kaabi, a resident of Al Shoaib.

    Is Al Kaabi gambling down the supernatural factor or he is just proper? Even in the case, you believed there isn't any jinn, how might you give an explanation for the fruits with ordinary numbers?

    We probed further

    At the way out, we stopped at a vehicle workshop positioned simply out of doors the village, where a mechanic — who has been a resident of Al Madam for 6 years — helped demystify the location a touch.

    UAE’s largest rainwater Dam in Al Shoaib.

    “I've heard things about this village however I've never come upon whatever abnormal. Humans say there are jinn’s there, however, I've also seen human beings go there at night time with none hassle. I’ve been there at night time myself while a pal of mine challenged me. you can see I got here again unscathed,” said Malik Ruhollah.

    Regardless of the case, Al Madam is a stunning little oasis that is worth exploring, and if you want a few spooky kinds of stuff, the Buried Village merits a go to.

    Located on E44, the antique Dubai-Hatta avenue, the town is around 60km from Dubai and 50km from Sharjah.

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