• Sheikh Zayed Look-Alike Shocks UAE National

      December 17, 2018    

    If you take place to satisfy him on the road or at one of the many background functions he's invited to, you would be left questioning if he changed into Sheikh Zayed. Bearing an uncanny resemblance to the overdue Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, you may be forgiven for assuming he become at the least a relative of the loved founding father of the UAE.

    Nicely, he is not. Hazza Saeed Abdullah Al Kitbi is a 34-12 months-old Emirati who has emerged as a social media celebrity because of his striking resemblance to Sheikh Zayed.

    "It's miles truly an honour for me to appear to be the overdue founding father Sheikh Zayed who shall usually stay alive in our hearts and souls," he said.

    Talking to Khaleej instances, the father of lovely women - Roudah, 6, and Latifa, four - stated the resemblance turned into first noticed approximately 10 years ago.

    "It was only when I posted a photo of mine on my account on Instagram that I started getting hundreds of comments on this likeness.

    "I was also at a heritage event when everybody started talking about this similarity between me and Sheikh Zayed."

    Al Kitbi, who lives in Sharjah, said many people even though he was a grandson of Sheikh Zayed. "If you Google-search 'Sheikh Zayed son', my images will pop out."

    Being a royal protect of His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, Al Kitbi become additionally noticed with the aid of a member of the royal own family, Sheikh Dhiab bin Mohammed bin Zayed. "He referred to as me up and had a chat with me for some time."

    Al Kitbi said he might meet His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE militia, "in a few days". "I can make an apology to him approximately the 'Zayed dual' hashtag that becomes first of all launched for him."

    Not in it for the money:

    Regardless of how viral his photographs had come to be, Al Kitbi stated he had in no way made money out of his popularity.

    "I have by no means going to any eating place to promote it and earn cash as many social influencers do. I’m going there only to eat and depart as an everyday consumer," he stated.

    He is often invited to background activities due to his features. On the pinnacle of that, he has been doing numerous charities works inside and outside the UAE, travelling senior residents, humans of determination, sufferers, orphans and even colleges, in which he might usually talk approximately the UAE's founding father.

    Of the various funny conditions, he became concerned in, Al Kitbi remembered a current go to an Emirati home in Al Ain in which he gifted the circle of relatives a UAE flag in the birthday party of the Flag Day.

    "All of the circle of relatives members got here in and sat with me within the Majlis (sitting room) except a little girl who stayed outside and saved crying."

    He later learned that the woman turned into frightened of him. "She concepts that I used to be Sheikh Zayed who she knew had died. I talked to her and comforted her until she got here in and smiled."

    Hollywood star:

    Al Kitbi's recognition has long gone beyond the UAE. big Kahuna films, a Hollywood enterprise, contacted him for a brief documentary film on the past due to Sheikh Zayed.

    "Ali Faisal Mustafa, the director, who is also a writer and manufacturer, got here all of the manners from America to fulfil me, spent quite a few times taking pictures and recording motion pictures of me."

    Embracing the Emirati historical past, Al Kitbi is a large fan of camels and falcons. "I spend a number of times with my camels and falcons inside the desert," he said. "This spiritually lifts me up and adds to my happiness."

    Al Kitbi said the year of Zayed has been a terrific possibility for everybody within the UAE to preserve the legacy of the charismatic leader alive.

    "If I met Sheikh Zayed, I’d first inform him how tons all of us leave out him and could additionally apologize about the likeness humans are speak me about among us - because I am actually way far beneath that incomparable honour."

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