• Sheikh Mohammad Tingled by Scorpions

      January 16, 2019    

    In the 1/3 chapter titled 'Snoozing with the scorpions' from his latest e-Book Qis sati, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and top Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, information his reviews of residing in the wilderness and the way he mastered looking with falcons and hounds. He recalls how he used to wake up after being stung by way of wasteland scorpions. Yet, he "Prefers desert scorpions over human scorpions".

    Additionally, A valuable lesson Sheikh Mohammed learned when he becomes just eleven. when Sheikh Saeed fetched water from properly for worshippers

    "I used to be seven- or eight-years vintage whilst my father commenced to take me to a Sheikh from Al Manaseer tribe in the desert to teach me looking. His name become Hamid bin Ahmi. My father used to leave me with Hamid for days. And I learned a way to hunt with falcons and hounds.

    "After spending the entire day schooling, we used to gather across the hearth for dinner and interesting talks. From these outings, I've unforgettable reminiscences packed with beauty, ardor, and pain - yes, pain.

    "Nothing can evaluate to a heated bed inside the cold wilderness at night, however typically I awakened in ache after being stung by means of scorpions. In all likelihood, they were searching out warm temperature, too.

    "Hamid used to take me near the fireplace and put ashes at the areas I used to be stung to lessen the ache. Unusually, I was the most effective one inside the group who were given stung. There had been probable motives for this: first off, I never checked my mattress before napping; and secondly because Hamid used to collect 10 to 12 small scorpions and placed them in my mattress on purpose! Hamid desired to make me proof against the lethal wasteland scorpions' poison. until late, I'm resistant to the poison of scorpions. Not the whole lot that hurts is evil, sometimes it holds goodness and protection.

    "Wilderness scorpions are higher than human scorpions. Wilderness scorpions look for warmth and would depart your mattress by means of the morning.

    "May additionally Allah bless you, Hamid!"

    In what he is calling his "Incomplete Biography", His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and High Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has broken his modern eBook, Qissati (My tale), into 50 chapters, narrating 50 tales in his 50 years of serving the nation.

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