• Now 7th most powerful UAE, passport grades hike up

      October 24, 2018    

    Closely three weeks after making the jump to the 8th most powerful in the world, the UAE passport has increased yet again in the positions to the 7th place.

    Inhabitants of the UAE can now enter 159 countries globally without a visa or with a visa on the entrance.

    The UAE's passport position groove is 159, with UAE's citizens acceptable to travel to 112 countries without a visa, and to 47 countries with visa on arrival.

    39 countries still demand visa from UAE citizens.

    New visa-contract:

    This comes on the repairs of a political memorandum of understanding (MoU) employed between both. Citizens with steady passports of both countries have been permitted visa-free entry.

    The contract for visa-free entry between Mexico and UAE will come into consequence on October 31.

    Peoples can persist in moreover country for no longer than 180 following days.

    Directory of Passport:

    The UAE is now knotted for 7th place with Estonia, which also scored 159.

    As it stands, the UAE is only six advertisements absent from making it to the first place. Singapore clutches court at a directory score of 165 countries: 127 visa-free countries, 38 countries with visa on arrival. Singaporean citizens still need a visa to enter 33 countries.

    Dr Anwar Gargash, the UAE's Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, had reported on 13 September "Good morning to all my followers. The UAE passport has just been ranked as the 9th most powerful passport with visa-free entry to 157 countries worldwide."

    Impressive growth to the top:

    No other country has seen such impressive development in its positions in such a short time edge.

    The UAE remains the most powerful passport in the district, thrashing out all other Arab or GCC countries in the competition to the top.

    "The UAE's dedication and vision have given it a solid foundation upon which to build its future," according to a Passport Index report.

    "It’s unparalleled advancement is due to progress in technological, educational, investment and infrastructure realms."

    In 2017, the UAE had publicized an audacious goal of positioning the country's passport on the list of the five most important passports in the world by 2021.

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