• Next Year Dubai to have a skin bank

      October 31, 2018    

    Dubai will have large set up of skin bank there in the mid of next year, a first of its type of facility in the Middle East, said the (DHC) top official of the Dubai Health Care. This bank has he Sharia authorization will be organized with the Rashid Hospital Complex which is the largest trauma care hospital of the district.

    The present established organization under the roof of Dubai Health Authority (DHA) will modernize all the health investment policies and furnace public-private partnerships to fast health care delivery and make Dubai a world-class medical visiting destination.

    Throw light on the facility by Dr. Younis Al Kazim, CEO of DHC said: “The bank has been initiated by the plastic surgery department of Rashid Hospital. Patients who receive over 80 percent burns have very little chance of survival as they have no site for grafting. In cases like this dermal grafts taken from donors, especially patients of bariatric surgery can be used and provide a great chance of healing and survival for these patients.”

    Dr. Al Kazim additionally said that contributor skin implantation is also very effective in cancer patients who need general renovation, “Skin grafts will be preserved in incubators and used for patching by the burns and plastic surgery units and also be used by other DHA hospitals.” Currently, DHC officials are studying its feasibility, funding, staff requirement among other factors to make the project sustainable.

    Do you know What is Skin Grafting?

    · Skin is the largest important part of the body.

    · It can be cryopreserved at infections as low as 196C for up to two years.

    · Supporter skin grasps to decrease healing time, protect internal organs especially in cases of wide burns and types of cancer where organs, with skin, have to exercise.

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