• News Rules For Expats After retirement in UAE

      September 17, 2018    

    Outsiders will be allowed to stay back in UAE for a “longer period of time” after departure, the ruler and his Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE declared. He did not highlight this statement about the residency duration of outsiders in his state.

    This Cabinet meeting presided by Sheikh Mohammed on Sunday.

    “We approved a decision to reduce the fees of electricity in the industrial field. We also approved a one-day court system at the federal level”. The UAE Vice President tweeted.

    The Cabinet has accepted new central ethics for all public and private hospitals in the country also announced by Sheikh Muhammad.

    “Today, we chaired the first Cabinet meeting after the summer holiday. We will continue our journey of improving the national economy,” “Sheikh Mohammed said. “We are going to keep on updating and improving our government”

    “UAE cabinet approves the decision to reduce Federal Electricity & Water Authority’s electricity charges on the industrial sector in the UAE”

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