• Most Popular Brand Apple is hiring in UAE

      September 19, 2018    

    The company has listed many designations on their website.

    Now this time to get a chance to work with this advanced company of our time- Apple.

    If you are in UAE and searching job, then check out the vacancies at Apple. On the official website of the company, has listed different positions are taken up across different departments. These jobs have a choice for the technical specialist, senior manager, market leader, manager, store leader etc.

    Do you eligible for these positions given below.

    AE- Store Leader

    AE- Specialist

    AE- Technical Specialist

    AE- Senior Manager

    AE- Market Leader

    AE- Manager

    AE- Operations Expert

    AE- Genius

    AE- Expert

    AE- Creative

    AE- Business Expert

    AE- Apple Store Leader Program

    iPhone XS and XS MAX

    Apple Inc introduced its largest-ever iPhone and a watch that senses heart problems last week in an effort to get customer’s advancement to more expensive plans in the face of quiet worldwide demand for smartphones.

    The comparatively small changes to its side, following last year's repaired iPhone X, were widely expected by depositors and the company's stocks ended down 1.2 percent at $221.07.

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