• "Most Innovative Card of the Year" CBD wins

      April 26, 2019    

    Most Innovative Card of the Year, this award wins the Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) in the Seamless Middle East Awards ceremony 2019.

    The Award was received by Dr.Bernd van Linder, chief executive officer, Amit Malhotra, general manager Personal Banking Group, and Sujai Raina, head of Cards and Payments. This Award was for the Signature Super Saver Credit Card which offers a 10% cash back across all bills.

    "This award represents a major achievement for us at CBD as it demonstrates our continued focus towards developing innovative financial products and services that are relevant, offer value and help achieve the financial aspirations of our clients." Dr.Berned van Linder said.

    "We are pleased to be recognized for the 'Most Innovative Card of the Year' by Seamless Awards. The CBD Super Saver card is a result of our extensive analysis of our clients' spending habits and preferences, and rewards customers for their everyday spend across grocery, fuel, utility bills and government payments, as well as education, spends. Super Saver also enhances our clients' lifestyle by providing them with a suite of exclusive discounts, experiences, and complimentary services."Amit Malhotra Added.

    Visa Country Manager for the UAE, Shahbaz Khan said, "This award validates our successful partnership with CBD in offering unique products that are designed to meet the specific preferences and needs of customers. We look forward to developing more of such award-winning products that deliver seamless, secure, and convenient payment experiences for CBD's growing customer base."

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