• Khalifa Sat: Satellite launch by UAE

      October 29, 2018    

    The first UAE-made satellite, the significant introduction is taking place today and the human being can be part of it.

    The satellite named Khalifa Sat is going to launch now, ready to take off from Japan’s island of Tanegashima. The live coverage will begin at 8 am. The Muhammad Bin Rashid space Centre (MBRSC) will launch the live coverage.

    Across the world, millions of people probably to tune the live coverage according to Emirates, Khalifa Sat is the advanced observation of Earth Satellite developed by the team of Emirati engineers.

    It will be able to take live coverage and images of different events to the UAE, which free launch at international level by the MBRSC. Moreover, they will be present charges free services by the request of the humanitarian's causes. This satellite also covers the environmental changes and effort to preserve the environment. It is expected to provide the detail images of the ice caps at the North and South poles, helping to check the effects of worldwide heating.

    Amer Al Sayegh, the director of the space system development and the project manager of the Khalifa Sat at the MBRSC, stated: "The event will be live-streamed and we are encouraging everyone to watch it as this will be an important part of the country's history. This is a very proud moment for us at the MBRSC and as UAE nationals. It's a huge step forward for our space industry."

    70 Emirati engineers helped to develop the satellite and 10 of them are in Japan to confirm a successful introduction. Al Sayegh exposed that some of the engineers would employ all of tonight in the bunker right next to Khalifa Sat. They regularly have check n balance the satellite remaining preparation before takeoff. Few engineers will head in control room in Japan before two hours.

    Some of the engineers in Dubai look after the several tracking progress at MBRSC progress leading up to the main event. Mohammad Alabbar, the head of the electrical power unit is one of the engineers. "It will be a stressful night for all of us, but a very exciting one. We are confident," Alabbar said.

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