• In UAE, Why Mobile Network Change the Name

      March 11, 2019    

    On Monday morning, UAE citizens aware to change in their mobile network.

    'Sandooq Al Watan' is the name of the network. the name of the network is the national enterprise started by the leading Emirati businessmen to promote research plans for the post-oil era.

    To support social entrepreneurship and sustain UAE youth, by 2018, Sandooq Al Watan had managed half a billion (Dh510 million) and an added 210 million dirhams in promised donations from over 70 businessmen who gave a minimum of Dh1 million each and assigned to Emirati managers and private quarter.

    Support 10 innovative high-tech Emirati startups and identify and sustain 500 gifted individuals under 18, through different leadership and performances, hugely recommended by a center of business and individuals, intends to teach over 1,000 Emirati children coding, support over 50 Emirati researchers in tested scientific disciplines.

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