• Houthi Terrorist attack - Saudi Arabia and UAE Condemns

      January 19, 2022    

    Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Egypt all condemned the Houthi terrorist attack. Yemen's government also condemned the Yemeni militia for its unchecked violence and its aim to spread chaos throughout the region. The Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs also expressed condolences to the victims' families and wished them a speedy recovery. According to the UAE's diplomatic adviser, Anwar Gargash, the United States is fully cooperating with the UAE to stop the houthi aggression.

    Muslim Countries Condemn Houthi Terrorist Attack

    The UAE and Sudan share a common enemy in the region. They are allied in national security, and the UAE is Egypt's largest trading partner. The two countries are also deeply entwined, and the Houthi group is a major threat to regional stability. The UAE and Sudan are not only neighbors, but have close relations. Likewise, the Sudanese government expresses its support to the UAE and extends its condolences to those affected by the attack.

    The UAE and Saudi Arabia have both condemned the Houthi terrorist attack. They said that the UAE and Sudan stand together in resolving the conflict. The United States has previously warned against the Houthi's targeting of civilian targets, but the Houthis have reportedly used drones and ballistic missiles. While there are no details about the nature of the drones used in the attack, it's possible that they used them to target American personnel.

    On Sunday, the President of the UAE and President of the Islamic Republic of Yemen condemned the Houthi terrorist attack, citing the loss of civilian lives. The attacks on the UAE and Saudi Arabia were carried out by Houthi militias, and the German Federal Foreign Office strongly condemned the attack. The UAE has repeatedly condemned the attack, and Germany has expressed condolences to the families of the victims. The United States has also urged the international community to take action against terrorist groups that threaten the stability of the region.

    The UAE and other Western nations condemned the Houthi militia's attack, pointing out that such an act of violence is in violation of international law. The European Union and the UN have cited this attack as evidence of Iran's involvement in the conflict. While the US government has not explicitly condemned the Houthi attacks, it is a concern that the strikes have been widely publicized. In addition, the UAE and Saudi Arabia have also said that the Houthi terrorists had not used drones in the attack.

    The Houthi terrorists have also targeted civilian facilities in the UAE. The attack on Monday killed at least three civilians and injured many more. The UAE and Qatar have both condemned the attack. In addition, both nations have also condemned the use of drones by the Houthi militia. A US military official emphasized that the drones targeted the UAE's citizens. And the UAE's Minister of Foreign Affairs reportedly referred to the Houthi attack on television.

    In addition to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates has also condemned the Houthi attack in the UAE. It has condemned the "inhumane" and indiscriminate attack, which targeted civilians and other objects. The UAE has called for the immediate and unconditional support of the UAE and its citizens. This is particularly important for the Gulf countries in the region. This has been a recurring problem for the Houthi militia.

    A Houthi militia attack on the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen is a rare case of terrorism. It has also been the subject of several UN Security Council resolutions, despite the fact that the Houthi rebels do not hold the United States' government in the highest regard. In the meantime, the United States, the EU and the UAE have condemned the incident. The US and the UAE have withdrawn their ambassadors from the country.

    In response to the Houthi terrorist attack in the UAE, the European Union and the United States have both condemned the strike. The European Union and the US have expressed their "unwavering support" to the UAE. The United States, which leads the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen, has also issued a statement condemning the attack. It has said it is working with the US government and other regional partners to ensure peace and prosperity.

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