• Globally Dubai Is The Fourth Most-Visited City

      September 26, 2018    

    In 2017 Dubai has nearly 15.8 million tourists overnight, Dubai booked its ranking as the most-visited city in forth number globally consistently for four years in a row, according to the Global Destination Cities Index.

    Meanwhile, Bangkok topped the list for the most visited city in the world with 20.04 million international visitorsit was followed by London and Paris. In fifth place was Singapore, followed by New York, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Istanbul, and Seoul.

    Abu Dhabi was in the list of fast-growing cities in the Middle East and Africa in the list of overnight visitors’ arrivals, with a CAGR of 18.2% between 2009 and 2017.

    The directory expended this year to look at 162 cities in the world, is founded on tourist volume and spend for a given year. It also provides an increased estimate for the next year. The new version of directory said about the growth rates of visitors in Dubai and told the staying ratio there.

    It places average apply per day at $537 (Dh1,972), making Dubai the top city in relations of visitor outlay. It is followed by Paris, where regular spend per day for international visitors is $301, and Singapore where spending per day averages $286. Other cities in the top 10 most-visited list all have spending averages underneath $200 a day.

    One of the world’s most visited cities, Istanbul, recorded the lowest employ per day worldwide of $108 on average.

    For Dubai, that also sets its total international visitor spend at the top of the list, with $29.7 billion. It is trailed by Makkah where total expenses in 2017 by international visitors amounted to $18.45 billion, then London ($17.45 billion), Singapore ($17.02 billion), and Bangkok ($16.36 billion).

    5.5% growth forecast in visitor numbers in 2018 for Dubai

    Issam Kazim, the chief executive officer of tourism body Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DCTCM), said new lures in the city, as well as contributions by the trade segment, have helped attract more visitors.

    “With a focus on highlighting the depth of Dubai’s offering, encouraging visitors to look beyond the city’s iconic landmarks, Dubai has continued to be a must-visit and must-return destination,” he said in a declaration.

    During all this, Abu Dhabi was called the fastest growing city in the Middle East and Africa in terms of overnight visitor arrivals, with a compounded yearly growth rate of 18.2 percent between 2009 and 2017.

    Top 10 cities by international overnight visitor numbers

    1.Bangkok, 20.05 million international visitors

    2. London, 19.83 million

    3. Paris, 17.44 million

    4. Dubai, 15.79 million

    5. Singapore, 13.91 million

    6. New York, 13.13 million

    7. Kuala Lumpur, 12.58 million

    8. Tokyo, 11.93 million

    9. Istanbul, 10.7 million

    10. Seoul, 9.54 million

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