• From March, Petrol prices increased in the UAE

      February 28, 2019    

    The country's fuel price committee published on Wednesday, after four months of lifting prices, now in UAE are set to petrol prices increase in March.

    From March 1, the price of the Super 98 will be 9 fils up at Dh2.04 a liter from Dh 1.95 at present. Special 95 will rise 8 fils to Dh 1.92 from Dh 1.84, meanwhile, the price of diesel will rise 13 fils to Dh 2.41 from Dh2.28.

    From December to February, according to the measurement, prices for both Super 98 and special declined 66 fils declined, and the diesel prices down.

    This year Crude prices have increased by almost a quarter so far this year, after the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, together with each other producers such as Russia and Oman, allowed to cut production to get a rid build up of the worldwide approach especially as US output has grown.

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