• For Dubai: Sheikh Muhammad has two Dreams

      February 20, 2019    

    In the latest book of Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, vice president and prime minister of the UAE and a ruler of Dubai, Qissati. he talks about his two major dreams about Emirates airlines and Jebel Ali Freezone in 38 chapters. the British Engineer Neville Alan, in 1958 came to Dubai, make awake up call in 1970 and convey that the ruler wants to meet him in Jebel Ali.

    He found Rashid bin Saeed awaited to him when he arrived and said: "I want to establish a new port there."

    Gave him an estimated number and asked when he needed to start work by Alan.

    "Immediately." Sheikh Rashid replied The Rashid harbor had become the largest in the Middle East after it experienced the development. And then, 35km away from the hub, the Dubai Ruler wanted to build the biggest town in the world.

    "I am building a project that we cannot build later," he said, Some merchants forced me to talk him out of the scheme, that was 1958. it was the field of merchants when they import goods without tax paying.

    I posted a team to different countries to study the project, and when we started it, 300 companies listed on the very first day. in 1991, I managed the organization of the departments of Jebel Ali and Rashid ports, which began later to DP World.

    The dreams got longer; Emirates and Dubai airport deal with about 90 million travelers yearly and DP World can bring around 90 million barrels annually. It is a big large logistics city that will host a million people, as well as Al Maktoum airport, which would be the biggest in the world, and assist 160 million travelers yearly.

    "incomplete biography" His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice president of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, told in his new book Qissati (My Story), in chapter 38.

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