• Child protection law issued by the President of the UAE Sheikh Mohammad

      December 27, 2018    

    According to the rule of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice President and prime minister of UAE, issued cabinet resolution No. (52) 2018, link to the federal law 3 of 2016. Which related to the child protection law, famous by the name of Wadeema Law.

    This law issued by the official newspaper.

    This law consists of 23 clauses with the conditions and minor procedures of the workplace, report the child rights, obligations foster families must need to meet.

    With the ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, the rules also instruct and talk, with due care and study continue or the legal guardians are provided, also be deemed “fit to work” as per conditions determined by the two ministries.

    The law is famous by the name of Wadeema, 8 years old Emirati girl who was strictly tortured to death by her father and another wanted in 2012. The children of the nationals and the expats also protected by the physical torture and abuse.

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