• At the same time, now renew Emirates ID and Visa from Home

      February 13, 2019    

    No need to waste your time and money to, just save all your time by online system of renewing the Emirates residence ID card and visa at the same time. Those who want to renew their ID and visa, they can fill the online form to all this process at the same time, no need to visit any typing centers. According to a senior General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Official.

    Director general of GDRFA Sharjah, Colonel Arif Al Shamsi said, Residence need to visit the GDRFA app. This app also helps you to apply for a visit visa and residence visa from inside and outside the country. The application will through the app renewed one or three days than two weeks waiting time before.

    The official said, "The chatrooms also cater to the deaf and the blind and can process complaints, suggestions and other inquiries." Also, the companies sponsor applying visas for their staff rather they outside the country, completed within a week.

    Humans on a 3-month visit visa who now not ought to leave the united states of America to increase their visas may additionally observe for the renewal online, at a fee of Dh500. however, they ought to allow sufficient time for processing and observe a few days earlier than their visa expires.

    For tactics where a medical fitness check is required, Lt Juma stated that since the Federal Authority for identity and Citizenship is connected with the health ministry's centers, test consequences are synced seamlessly.

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