• Abu Dhabi: lively evening by Ryan and Blake

      November 20, 2018    

    The one and only Blake lively evening in Abu Dhabi with his wife, he only posted his pic on Instagram stories featuring British these Ben Hardy and most important his wife. As if Abu Dhabi needed any more star confirmation, with the 10th Formula One Grand Prix fast approaching, the present film star resident.

    In the ‘lively’ shoot the two celebrities having a fun night out at Emirates Palace with some of the rest with Blake who is seemingly taking the advantage of her husband in order to explore all Emirates offer, where Emirates shoot the Reynolds with director Michael Bay and Hardy for upcoming Netflix film, 6 Underground.

    The crew and the total cost of this films 300+ strong will spend 30 days in the UAE and shoots in four locations, including the Liwa desert, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ras Al Khaimah with the cost recorded looking to total near Dhs460million on production. The production team which based in Abu Dhabi with the more than 100 production specialists, closely working with local film outfit twofour54.

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