• 13 New Leaves Announce from January in Dubai

      December 10, 2018    

    According to the new human resources law in Dubai, the employees of the government sector will get 13 types of leaves in January 2019.

    The schedule reported that new leaves are base on the year, that will be sick leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, mourning leave, leave for death-related events, Haj vacation, participation in events, accompanying sick leave, leave for partner, study leave, leave without pay and leave for national service and reserve.

    In addition, these leaves will be based on the job grades and linked 30 days for staff 12 and above, 25 working days for grades 4 to 11, and 18 days for grades 3 or below.

    This new law and rules compel the seniors and managers to respond to leave requests within 10 days and it would be recognized and accepted.

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