The Best Wedding Loans of 2023: Financing Options for Every Budget

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Wedding Loans - Emirates Loan

A wedding is the most memorable day in a lifetime. Your wedding must never be stressful due to the burden of expenses of every aspect of the wedding function. Banks offer the best wedding loans of 2023, so everyone enjoys their weddings. Emirates Loan provides you with a complete guide on how to get Wedding Loans in UAE. Before your big day, choose the perfect loan that will help you financially. As a result, you will happily spend your wedding day with your family & friends.

What is a wedding loan?

A personal loan has many categories that are amazing for managing different expenses more easily. One category includes loans for weddings. The personal loan for wedding is an efficient way to cover all expenses. It is a sort of installment credit that ensures you will get enough finance for your function’s cost. Sometimes, these loans are also helpful after the wedding. Particularly, you have no tension of finance problem.

How do wedding loans work?

Every lender has a specific way of working. The duration for monthly repayment of wedding loans is from 6 months to 7 years. When the term is long, the monthly repayment is low. On the other hand, the interest rate of such loans is higher than others. Many of us prefer to choose loans with lower interest rates. In this scenario, you should choose short-term repayment. The shorter term is with a low-interest rate.

After approval of the application, you will get money straight to your account. After receiving, the time to pay the first installment is within thirty days. The lenders give details of every point of funds including duration, monthly installments, etc. Some lender also adds penalties on late submission of repayments.

How to Choose the Best Wedding Loan

Wedding finance is not so simple. Indeed, it is a complicated finance one in your life. At the time of deciding the loan, give preference to some specific factors. With consideration of such factors, you will only choose the perfect loan for your wedding. Check out the low-interest rate for the funds. But, sometimes people forget to know about the additional fees of a specific loan. Some banks offer the funds with extra cost of fees. You should check it also.

The requirement for minimum credit score is different in every bank. In addition, always choose a lender which provides impressive customer service. Many lenders also offer online facilities for customers. In general, the online way is also suitable if you do have not much extra time. Besides, you can read the reviews of customers. Hence, you will know more about the reputation of a lender.

Wedding Loan Lenders Trustworthiness

Whenever you want to get the best loan for marriage, research the trustworthiness of the lender. Many banks offer loans in UAE. The banks are the appropriate choice. There is no risk of scamming because the interest rate is also reasonable. The status of the bank will give you a guarantee that you should trust it or not.

Maximum amount

The amount is not similar for every person. The lender’s objective depends on it a lot. Lenders make criteria for giving fund amounts also. They do not only check your credit score but also see your financial condition. In particular, numerous banks offer the amount of AED 500,000.

An effortless way to afford your wedding

During the preparations for the wedding, we do have not much time to spend a lot of time on the financial part. We get so confused about how to afford an event more comfortably. So, there is no financial problem on that big day. The exceptional solution is to save money for a year and then choose the best loan. The loans should not be too high with short-term repayments. Otherwise, your financial situation will not be good after marriage.

Any impact on credit score

Any personal loan including a wedding loan has an impact on credit score. This impact is in both ways. You will see its positive as well as negative impacts. But, the good point is that if you carefully do the repayments without any delay, your credit score will get improve. Due to the positive impact, you will not regret receiving the loan.

Requirements for getting the marriage loans

There are requirements that you have to fulfill to become an eligible applicant. Marriage loan eligibility is not too difficult but only needs to give proper focus. Now, we will tell the basic criteria for applying:

  • This fund is available for every individual including citizens & residents. Anyone can apply for it.
  • There is a specific requirement for salary also. Your minimum salary should be 5000 AED monthly. A salary below this amount will not be eligible to qualify.
  • Many banks need your certificate of salary. The purpose of this certificate is to give surety to the bank that you earn a good amount every month.
  • The borrower must work for more than 3 months in a decent company/place. If you are newly employed, you have to wait for at least three months. It gives surety that you work harder and permanently. And, then apply.
  • Generally, the loan is given to only mature persons. The age limit is from 21 to 65 years. No teenager can get a wedding loan.
  • Those lenders are good that give full insurance coverage at a reasonable rate. Life insurance is compulsory for borrowers. Before applying, check the insurance rate. Not all banks have the same policies.
  • There is an essential step of submission of documents. The identification document provides a guarantee of a person. It includes an ID card, passport, bank statement, etc. You need to submit copies of all necessary documents.

Your financial situation becomes too good with getting a loan for your wedding. In this way, there is no burden on your life even after marriage.

Marriage grant in the UAE

In the UAE, the Ministry approves the marriage grant to newlyweds. But, they also fulfill some requirements. The grant is more than AED 70,000. It is a type of monetary marriage grant. In 2023, the below are the requirements for this grant in the UAE:

  • Emirati citizenship is compulsory for both partners. If one is not an Emirati citizen, the couple will not qualify for the fund.
  • Age factor is compulsory and it will never avoid in any bank. Age must be above 21 years. Both husband and wife at this age are enough mature to deal with all the finance easily.
  • Not everyone is eligible to apply because this grant is specifically for those who earn less than 25000 AED monthly.
  • If you already received any other grant, you will not get this grant. It is a strict rule that a person with another grant cannot get approval.
  • The borrowers must be single status and not married before. However, in case of one partner’s death or divorce, the applicants can apply if they are doing the next marriage.

When you and your partner fulfill these requirements, you should apply for it. It is helpful and offers you great financial support.

What kind of loan is excellent for your wedding?

In our opinion, unsecured personal loans are an ideal option for everyone’s wedding events. This fund will finance all overall your function. On the other hand, if you prefer your home for your wedding, you can also choose the home equity fund.

Do all banks offer a wedding loan?

You will get surprised to know all banks offer this loan. So, every bank tries to offer amazing services to their clients. Go to any reputable bank, and take guidance about the loan completely.

Is it worth getting loans?

Firstly, try to manage your finances of marriage according to your budget. Take proper time and make a list of your event’s arrangements. However, if you still get into trouble with how to manage such finances, you should choose a wedding loan. This loan is suitable for everyone with an easier procedure for applying.


A wedding event is the most challenging event with a lot of expenses. But it is also an exciting part of life. So, your excitement will never fade because of your worry about finance. Emirates Loan is an excellent way to offer the best funds for your wedding. This company is well known to fulfill your financial needs. In UAE, the lenders prefer that everyone live the happiest life including the biggest day of their weddings.

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