Which Bank Gives Loan Easily In UAE?

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Which Bank Gives Loan Easily In UAE

In every country, the banking business is growing day by day and the banking system is very manageable in running days. If we talk about the past, the banking system was very difficult. A bundle of papers was required and the applicant must be the owner of some property for a warranty. In the case of bankruptcy, the bank locked the property of the applicant. But nowadays, the loan system is very susceptible, a single person with a low salary also can apply for a loan. A large number of banks are working throughout the world. Almost in every country now, obtaining a loan is easy for everyone. 

UAE is a famous country and contains a list of banks that are working here. All banks are offering loans to their clients with understandable packages. These banks are giving loans to all types of people including every business category. They also give loans even to low-salaried persons with long and small tenure. Some banks required only AED 3,000 minimum salary and some banks required AED 5,000. Some banks are giving only personal loans and car loans and others are giving home loans and mortgage loans. Now it is a basic question, which bank gives loan easily in UAE? To seek a reply to this question you must read this information. 

Types Which Bank Gives Loan Easily In UAE

  • Islamic banks. 
  • Commercial banks.  
  • Industrial banks 
  • Merchant banks 

These types of banks are working in their specific field and giving comfort to their clients. Islamic banks are providing loans without interest and industrial banks are providing loans to industry persons and construction companies. Commercial banks are providing loans to small and big businessmen on long tenures. All types of banks are providing online loan also.   

Top 5 banks 

Here we are talking about 5 top banks of the UAE that are serving their citizens. These banks are working all over the UAE and giving all types of financial services. They are giving car finance, personal, gold, mortgage, business, and home loan. All these banks are providing online services also for the convenience of their client. 

 These 5 top banks are: 

  • ADCB, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank 
  • Emirates NBD, National bank of Dubai 
  • DIB, Dubai Islamic Bank 
  • Bank Al Mashreq 
  • Standard Chartered 

ADCB Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank 

This bank is top of the catalog in UAE and provides a large number of assistance to clients. This bank is giving loans only to their regular clients and the minimum salary will be AED 5,000. This bank is providing personal loans, car loans, and home loans. The branches of this Bank are exists almost in every city of UAE and provide comfort to the customers. You need an account in this bank to obtain a loan from this bank and you must have an Emirates ID. Your account must be 5 to 6 months old. You can get long and short-tenure loans here and installments are allotted by your salary. You can get a personal online loan here, for online loans just explore the bank’s website and fill out the form.  Give the required information, and receive your loan in half an hour. It is must that your salary will be transferred to this bank for obtaining a loan here.    

Emirates NBD 

This bank is the oldest in UAE, it was only Emirates bank in starting but now it is converted into Emirates NBD. You can get a personal loan online here by just clicking on the apply online option on it’s website. You can get a 2 million loan maximum here with the other requirements and the interest rate is starting from 3.23. No processing and insurance fee is required, and the first installment should be submitted within 40 days of obtaining the loan. You will pay interest according to your credit score, if your credit score is high you will pay a low-interest rate. The minimum salary is AED 5,000 in this bank also, maximum tenure is 48 months. If you will pay a double installment in one month, your interest will be reduced. Your company certificate is also required here and almost a 6-month working period is required.  

DIB Dubai Islamic Bank 

It is also a well-known Islamic bank in UAE that works in some other countries also. For online loans check the website of this bank and fill the captcha, then click on apply now. You will get a loan after 30 minutes maximum. A minimum salary of AED 3,000 will be required for the salaried person. If you are working in Dubai you are eligible to apply for a loan from this bank. Migrated people required visa and passport copies and Emirates ID is also required. A salary certificate and 3-month bank statement are essential for a loan in this bank. The trade certificate is required for businessmen or company holders and the tenure is about 36 months to 48 months. The interest rate will be almost 6.23 which is high than the last 2 banks.   

Bank Al Mashreq 

This bank is providing different types of loans, and the online loan is also available in this bank. Open the website link and get the required information, click on apply and get a loan just in a click. This bank website is showing several types of loans, click on your required type and then apply. This bank is providing 4 types of loans involving an instant loan.   

Standard Chartered 

This bank lending all types of loans and you can get online loans with this bank also. A salary of AED 15,000 is required for the application procedure of loan, the interest rate will be more than 3%. The required minimum age is 21 and the maximum age is between 60 to 65.  


One thing is important to know that, if you have any credit card bill or any other bill that is not paid yet, so your loan cannot be approved by any bank. So it is necessary to pay all the bills first and then apply for loans. 

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