Visa Platinum Business Credit Card vs Business Debit card

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Visa Platinum Business Credit Card

Business credit and debit cards are not different from other formal credit cards, but almost function the same as other cards. The main motive of these cards is to assist and facilitate business owners through their financial services. It is made for all kinds of business owners to help them out with their business needs. Every businessman can use these, without any hesitation with their small or large businesses. In UAE, there is a variety of numerous credit and debit cards, especially for assisting and helping business owners with their financial services. 

So, if you are looking for the best business credit or debit card in UAE, here is the right place you reached. Here at Emirates Loan, first of all, you will find out the best credit card features related to business in the form of a visa platinum business credit card. You will see the various Advantages connected with this amazing credit card for the whole UAE. It will facilitate you, through amazing several Deals and with their various business-related offers. These services will help you out regarding the best business management methods related to finance. 

Benefits related to visa platinum business credit card and Debit card in UAE 

Both cards offer their consumers many privileges and are not only best for business matters but also serve their customers with a complete entertainment collection. Following mentioned below are some of the functions of visa platinum business credit cards. With that, you will also know about the benefits of platinum business debit card,  So, let’s begin:  

  • Worldwide acknowledgment of credit card 

Visa Platinum business card of UAE is a worldwide applicable card, which means you can use it anywhere throughout the globe. It will be acceptable in every country, region, and area of the world due to its worldwide ATM facility.  

  • Quick Assistance with a credit card in an Emergency 

Another useful thing attached to it is that it will provide you with financial assistance during any kind of financial emergency. Especially, in case of misplacing your visa platinum business credit card, the bank will block your card and will give you another one.  

  • Business cost management with credit card 

It will control many of your business expenditures during business tours and traveling. During your tour, it will manage your dining, air tickets, and much more through discounts, vouchers and reward points, etc.  

  • Dining privileges and Entertainment bundles of Debit card 

There is a huge list in this category, you will get many rewards and benefits whenever you use your debit card. A complete package of dining and shopping will be provided to you with the reference of this card. You will get discounts while staying in hotel rooms with access to airport lounges. Many different kinds of vouchers and free cinema tickets will be allowed to the cardholders. Whenever you do shopping at the malls in UAE, you will get discounts up to 15 to 20%, which depends upon the objects you purchased. There are much more rewards and loyalty points attached with the visa platinum business Debit card in UAE

  • Golf course with your Debit card 

You will get an advantage while learning the golf course. Your visa platinum debit card will give you the discount facility in the golf course fee structure. So, you can easily enjoy your learning process on the Golf course.  

  • Debit card app privileges 

If you are using the app of a business Debit card, so you will get many privileges through that application. Especially, when you use its “fly and dine” application, you will get access to the airport lounges and airport restaurants with their discount facility.  

Procedure to apply for both visa platinum business credit card and Debit Card.  

People usually want to know about its applying structure, so these steps may help you out related to this matter.  

  • If you are a non-resident, so showing your valid passport and visa will be gone in your favor. 
  • Your age should be within the prescribed range given by the bank. Otherwise, you may not be eligible. 
  • You should have your old bank statements with you, these statements should be about 4 to 6 months old. 
  • Come along with your valid Emirates identity card. 
  • Your original address of your home country and UAE will also matter. 
  • Come along with your business experience letter or salary certificate. That will be required while making a business credit card with a visa platinum business Debit card.  
  • Bring your business license along with you. 
  • Make sure your all documents should be valid and accurate including the registration certificate of your company or department.  
  • These requirements are for the people coming towards the bank for applying. On the other hand, If you are going to apply online, so all these documents with photocopies should be attached to the application form. 


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