The Deem Finance credit cards in UAE

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Deem Finance credit cards in UAE

The word deem refers to the evaluation of something, but here our concern is all about finance credit cards. So, it reflects this term as the evaluation of finance or in simple terms the analysis of your financial data through credit cards. This term is now getting more popular and spreading out everywhere throughout the world. In past days, the real name of deem was Duniya finance, it was formed in 2008 in UAE. Now, it is changed with time and now deemed services refer to the next form of financial services. The main aim of deem and deem finance credit cards in UAE is to authorize the consumer, through their latest online financial assistance.

With that, make them powerful financially and make their future secure through its advanced features. So that, they will not face any kind of complication in terms of financial services. They will easily avail all services through deem finance credit cards with more latest prevailing online products range. A variety of products are involved in deem finance and people are now more aware of the usage of all these financial products. The products attached with deem are as mentioned below.

Products and their purpose in Deem Finance

  • Loans

The major product that deems finance give to their customers is the loan facility. It will provide you a personal loan and auto loan with many other facilities. These loans are specifically made for the citizens of the UAE and offer interest rates at affordable prices every year. So, go and grab your chance to get deem Finance personal loan or auto loan for your new vehicle.

  • Credit cards

Another essential product they are giving to their consumers is a credit card facility. It is considered the most economical and affordable product of the company of Deem finance. The product of Deem finance credit cards in Dubai not only facilitates their customers with financial services but there are much more advantages attached to it. These all benefits include a variety of rewards with every possession of the asset or heavy object. you will get the chance to visit various places around the world, purchase at very affordable and discounted prices, and much more.

  • Deposits

This product is also serving the Arabians through the adjustable deposit durations for all. According to deem finance the duration of Deposits can be changed and it’s flexible, almost up to 120 months. Also, you can get the chance of a personal or auto loan against your deposit with a flexible duration

Types of Deem Finance credit cards

Deem credit cards are of various kinds and all of them consist of unique and amazing features. Let’s take them into account and check out their features.

  • Titanium cash up credit card

The wonderful quality of this Titanium credit card is the facility of cashback. Especially, whenever you do some kind of grocery shopping with deem Finance card or pay the utility bills of your home or office. you will receive almost 3% cashback on your account and for other shopping purposes, you may get almost about 5% cashback.

  • World cash up credit card

This credit card was initiated specifically for the 50th celebration purpose in UAE. The Deem finance credit cards in UAE are amazingly a gift for all the natives of the UAE. The celebration aim was to enjoy the 50 year’s success of the UAE, through giving financial services in the form of credit cards.

  • Platinum cash-up credit card

The next cash-up credit card is platinum, the working of the platinum card is quite different from the others. It has the additional feature of cash-up points with shopping, whether you doing shopping at any store or you doing it at home. Through Deem Finance’s online shopping service, you will get an opportunity of 10% cash-up points while shopping at the market or store. On the other hand, you will get the chance to earn cash up points up to 5% while doing online shopping.

Personal products vs cooperate products

Deem offers the consumers a huge variety of products, these products mainly consist of two main categories, personal and cooperate products. Let’s check out several products of Deem Finance:

  • In Personal products range involved all kinds of credit cards and personal loans. The names of those deem finance credit cards in UAE are world cash up deem card, titanium cash up deem card, and platinum cash up deems card.
  • If we talk about the cooperate products, it contains different types of financial guarantees, solutions about payrolls and cooperates deposits, etc.

Redeem cash up

Normally, people used to ask about the redemption process of cash up, how it works, and what is the duration of redemption? So, here are the answers to all their questions with full customer satisfaction.

  • You can easily redeem cash up via deem finance online services, online method is very simple and easy everyone can do it at home without any complications.
  • The second option is also very simple just download the application of deem on your mobile phone and use the financial services. Through this app, you can easily redeem cash up as well with many more services. This application also gives you several wonderful offers for earning points, various traveling offers, discounts, and many more rewards.
Types of Transactions, where cash-up does not apply on credit cards 

The following Transactions are as mentioned below:-

  • You will be not eligible for a cashback facility on some kind of gambling, horse racing, and lottery tickets, which are owned by the government.
  • You can’t get the cash-up facility of deem finance if you transferred your balance to someone else.
  • You will not get any cashback on advance cash payments.
  • You will not be eligible for the cash-up facility of deem finance credit cards in UAE on your commission and fees payments.
  • Cash-up service will not apply to interest charges.
  • Cash up will not apply to the refunds of the merchant.
  • The cash-up facility will not apply to traveler cheques as well.


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