The Bank Loan in UAE 

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Bank loan in UAE - Emirates Loan

Worried about getting a loan in UAE? It’s not a big deal right now, you will find it the easiest task through several banks in the United Arab Emirates. People used to apply for loans in times of need or when they require the amount on an urgent basis. Taking a loan from the bank is the only way to get the best loan services, rather than other institutions. Banks in UAE provide loans to everyone including native-born individuals to ex-pats living over there for many years. 

Loans can be of many varieties, it’s all up to you what kind of loan you need. Various main categories of bank loans in UAE consist of personal loans, business, gold, home, and auto loans. Every category of loan contains different terms and conditions, you have to read all terms and conditions after selecting a category and before applying.  Through this piece of writing, you will find out about these categories of loans, and about the banks, that are providing these loan facilities. Also, you will check, how banks of UAE serve the people of UAE through these financial services. You will check whether the people of the UAE are satisfied with these loans or not? what are the bank’s requirements for approval of loans?   

Various categories of bank loans in the UAE  

1 – Loan for Home  

If you are thinking about a loan for building up the New Home or want to repair the old one. No worries, the bank will issue the home loan through a very easy procedure. Now, you can fill out the application at home through the online given forms. Banks of UAE also serve the people through many more attractive services related to home loans. Bank loans in UAE required a special kind of documentation during the application, through the internet. After pre-approval of the online form, the bank will reply to you soon. Checking your monthly income is an essential part of the loan approval process. 

2 – Loan for a business need 

If we talk about the loan facility for a business need so, for this purpose numerous banks are serving the people. In Which, Mashreq, Emirates NBD, and RAK bank are the most popular and on top of the list. Banks will allow you to get business loans after getting some important information from you related to your running business. For example, the bank will check whether your business is register or not, and what is your annual profit and sales? Your Business should be in running condition for about 2 years or more.  

3 – Loan for Gold 

Gold is assumed the most valuable asset and a loan for Gold is a very common practice nowadays. During an emergency, the bank loan in UAE will be approved, after taking your gold assets. These assets can be of any type, for example, gold can be in the form of bangles, rings, necklaces, etc. There is no special paperwork required for approving the gold loan.    

4 – Loan for vehicles  

Auto finance is a vital part of the UAE banking system, through which you can take advantage of purchasing new vehicles including cars. The Bank loan in UAE for buying a new vehicle is not a complicated process. If you qualify for the loan, the bank will not take too much time for approval.   

5 – personal loan 

A variety of banks are giving this personal loan facility to facilitate their consumers in a time of need. There can be multiple reasons for which people need a personal loan, it can be on an urgent basis also. Bank will issue the loan after investigating the particular required things according to their rules and regulations. Any individual who is living in the United Arab Emirates can apply according to the bank rules of that UAE bank. You just have to be aware of some specific conditions of the bank. Banks normally check your monthly balance or salary, your ID of UAE, and little more things like visas of outsiders.    

Requirements for applying for a bank loan in UAE  

The basic requirement that UAE bank mentioned, is the monthly salary, which should not be less than 3000 AED for auto finance. Likewise, 15000 AED for personal loans and 5000 AED for the rest of the loans with variations. Similarly, there are different ratios for monthly installments of these various loans, for example, you can pay installments within 120 days. This ratio is just for a personal loan but the remaining installments of other loans are changed due to different amounts of loans. A bank loan of the UAE pays the loan amount according to the customer’s need and according to the bank’s capacity. For personal loans, the bank’s capacity will be up to 4 million AED and it’s different for other loans.

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