Personal Loan for Expats in Dubai UAE

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Personal Loan in UAE for Expats

From all over the world and especially from subcontinent peoples migrating to UAE as labor or as an employee of multinational organizations to support their families back home financially. These financial needs of their families make them work hard day in day out. Some of them seek credit cards, loans and a personal loan for expats in UAE for expats from loan providing companies like Emirates loan and Banks of UAE. Banks provide loans and credit cards for locals and expats.

Get Best Personal Loan for Expats in UAE

UAE banks are also providing the opportunity for the loan seeker to get a best personal loan in UAE for expats and fulfill their financial needs. Banks like UNB providing up to 500000 maximum amount loans with time period up to 4 years. The process of availing loan is very tricky and difficult. Emirates loan is a platform to overcome these difficulties and to make your loan process simple and convenient.

As far as expat concern 70% of them are the employee who does not have much knowledge and awareness of these opportunities to get loans in UAE. In these scenario organizations like Emirates loan facilitating and guiding expats in UAE that they can also get the loan if they meet loan eligibility. You can check and compare maximum loan amounts of Different banks in UAE and minimum salary requirement at emirates loan.

UAE is a home of 200 nationalities. India, Pakistan and Philippine shares the highest number of immigrants and make the largest expatriates group in UAE. Bangladesh and Afghanistan are also among the top labour providing countries in UAE, hence a question raises here do all expatriates are eligible to apply for the loan in UAE? Let’s find out.

Most of the expat in UAE are labors with low monthly wages so unfortunately, they cannot apply to any sort of loan in UAE. Those expatriates working with multinational organizations with a salary package close to 5000 AED or above are eligible to apply for a Personal loan and other categories of loans in UAE. Many expatriates are working with non-listed companies in UAE they found difficult to get a loan from banks of UAE but can apply in various finance houses.

Business expatriates enjoy a wide range of loan categories and facilities provided by UAE banks to a businessman. Minimum 6 months of the business statement required to get a business loan. UAE banks provide small business loan and big business loan starting from 150,000 AED to 750,000 AED with an attractive interest rate. Business loans are important for any business organizations either its big or small business.

You can find minimum salary requirement to apply for a loan in UAE at Emirates loan.

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