Mashreq cashback credit card in UAE with variations  

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Mashreq cashback credit card

Whenever we think about the best bank where we can get the best credit card variety within the boundary of UAE. The Mashreq bank comes into the mind first because of its credit card variations and the benefits associated with it. Mashreq bank is one of the most outstanding and prominent banks in UAE, which was established in the year of 1967. It is originally located in the Emirate of Oman, which is the most famous emirate in UAE. The primary goal of this bank is to provide financial services that are based on Islamic regulations and laws.  

It comes with the most fabulous financial products in UAE. The unique range of credit cards is also a part of this Islamic bank in UAE. In which, the Mashreq cashback credit card is also involved with many other kinds of cards. All the credit cards consist of their own specific qualities and special offers that always give positive vibes to the users. This piece of work is specifically constructed to give detailed information about some of the most highlighted credit cards of Mashreq bank UAE. Furthermore, the benefits will be also discussed of such credit cards and how anyone can take advantage from these cards.  

Mashreq Cashback credit card and its specialties  

The cashback credit card has always been the most important part of Mashreq bank’s financial products and people loves to get that card. Whenever they go outside, that card facilitates them with its amazing features, especially in terms of cashback. Cardholders can obtain many benefits and can get a specific percentage of cashback with every kind of purchase. Whether they are going to buy online products or it’s about outdoor shopping activity. Mashreq cashback credit card always played a supportive role and didn’t disappoint anyone.  

If you go for acquiring something or want to do dining somewhere, you will receive a good percentage of cashback. Even if you go to the grocery store for buying your grocery, through the credit card you will receive 2% to 3% cashback. Similarly, if you want a fuel service or any other assistance relevant to the roadside, it will facilitate you at that specific location. Users will also obtain special deals and offers relevant to entertainment packages in which free tickets and vouchers are involved. Users can also avail the chance to get a buy 1 get 1 offer, special discounts, airport lunches, and free tournament tickets. There are also free chances of playing at some outdoor play lands. Holders can avail the chance of discounts on various air tickets also, whenever they want to go on a trip.  

  • To get eligible for a cashback Mashreq credit card the salary range must be up to 5000 AED, Otherwise, you will not be eligible.  
  • You will be glad to know that you will not have to pay any annual fee, you will get a free cashback facility for the whole year.  
  • Along with you bring your ID, passport/visa with copies, salary proofs, bank statements, etc.  
  • Your age should be between 21 to 65 years.  

Mashreq platinum ELITE credit card with characteristics  

This credit card is providing the features that are the next level of a cashback credit card. You can earn many benefits and rewards with national and international purchasing also. There is a specific range of salaam points that a holder can receive via shopping inside UAE or outside the UAE. For example, if you bought something within the boundary of the UAE, you will obtain 1 salaam point. similarly, when a holder does shopping outside of the UAE, the 3 salaam points will be given to the user.  

Mashreq Platinum Elite credit card will give a facility of free airport lounges throughout the world. Like the cashback credit card, it has the same qualities of deals and offers. But these offers are of the next level and on an international level as well. If we talk about the percentage of cashback with this card, so you may obtain up to 45% to 50% cashback facility. Many other features are also attached with it, for example, you will get free access or free entries to the fitness centers or gyms also. Free air tickets, cinema tickets, discounted prices on purchases, gift hampers, and offers on various purchasing items like electronics are also involved. 

  •  To get this platinum Mashreq cashback credit card the salary range will be about 7000 AED.  
  • There is also no annual fee associated with this card, it will be free from any annual charges.  
  • If we talk about its ratio of interest, it begins with the 3% ratio and can be up to 3.4%.  

Mashreq solitaire credit card and its Qualities   

It is another amazing kind of Mashreq credit card that can provide high-quality benefits that will blow your mind. First of all, when you got the card you will be welcomed, by giving the welcome bonus. The range of the welcome bonus will be up to 2500 AED and the user will get a lot of cashback offers as well. The holder can enjoy free visits to several fitness centers and also can enjoy the facility of free parking in various malls.  

Airport lounges will be also free of cost especially when you are along with someone else. Users can get a complete entertainment variety that makes his/her life more wonderful than before. Through Mashreq solitaire credit card enormous other privileges can be obtained in which, attractive dining offers and buy 1 get 1 offer are involved. Whenever you do dining somewhere in UAE, a discount will be given to you of about 30%.  

  • To attain this card the eligibility criteria indicated a minimum salary of about 25,000 AED with an almost 1.5k for the annual fee.  
  • You will be also able to get the insurance facility for multi trips with this type of Mashreq cashback credit card.   

Mashreq Noon VIP credit card with features  

Another amazing credit card by Mashreq bank that is providing up to 25% to 30% discounts and cashback offers during traveling and dining. There are lots of other offers that can be attained via this card, you can easily find out the online application method of this card. You will also see there many qualities and features of this Mashreq credit card. A user can enjoy the various deals and vouchers with a high level of shopping also.  

Anyone who has recently joined the card will be welcomed, through the bonus that may up to 500 AED. Another amazing feature attached to the card is membership availability. The membership facility of Mashreq Noon VIP credit card will be beneficial for you in many terms. you will get all the extra facilities also for becoming a member of the card. This card also provides several offers and free delivery services. You can attain free assistance also whenever you need it.  

  • A person will be able to get this card if the salary of candidate is not less than 10,000 AED.  
  • The fee for the processing is again zero percent and the interest rate is about 3%.  
  • You can effortlessly can obtain this card also via online applying source.  


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