How much does it Cost to Finance a Car in Dubai? A Complete Guide

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Car Finance in Dubai

Despite the different modes of transport in Dubai, no one beats the freedom of owning your vehicle. How fast you can get your car depends on what kind of financing you use to pay for the purchase of your vehicle. At the same time, some of them chose the payment of cash.

Can Expats Buy a Car in Dubai?

Whether you are an Emirati or a foreigner, a loan for a car is the best option for you to buy your automobile. But, how to get car loans in Dubai? Car loans, interest rates, and loans on used and unused cars. Let’s find out.

Choose the Bank Wisely for Car Loan

Most people can buy their car in Dubai, primarily because of the easy availability of car loans and financing options. However, it is essential to understand the requirements and paperwork before planning to get a car loan in Dubai. A car loan is one of the most popular ways to pay for many buyers in Dubai. Whether you want to buy a brand-new car or finance a used car, it’s crucial to pick a bank wisely.

What Documents are Required for Auto Finance?

Many emirate banks have different criteria for sanctioning car loans in Dubai. Here is a list of the following documents required to obtain a car loan in Dubai.

Expats interested in applying for a loan should cross-check the validity of their home country’s driving license in the UAE. If your driving license is invalid, you need to apply for a UAE driver’s license to qualify for car financing.
In addition, foreigners must also provide a home address in their home country no matter how long they live in UAE. The bank may also need a reference from a friend or family member.

  • Original Emirates ID
  • Salary certificate/proof of income
  • Valid passport/visa
  • Driving license
  • 3-6 months of bank statements
  • Valuation certificate of the car
  • Insurance policy documents
  • Car’s registration

Terms and Conditions for Financing Used and Unused Cars

Remember that loans for new cars have a reimbursement time of 60 months. But the loan for used cars has a short period of repayment compared to new vehicles. For example, a vehicle used for ten years has a repayment tenure of 2 years.

Used car loans in the UAE can also get old and used cars in Dubai. Most UAE banks offer financing at slightly higher interest rates for used vehicles. Banks determine the maximum age and condition of the car through inspection.

Emirates Loan Offers Best Car Loans from Top UAE Banks in Dubai  – Compare Now

Comparing car loan rates in Dubai is essential to achieve the lowest. The interest rate paid by the buyer is calculated by multiplying the price of 80% car by the applicable interest rate of the bank concerned. Then, multiply the results by the loan period or some years, about 48 months to 60 months. Emirates Loan offers al the almost all uae banks car finance. You can compare all the price, interest rates and then apply in your favorite bank

Dubai Islamic Bank Car Loan

Car loans at Dubai Islamic Bank require easy access to minimum documents and funds. The bank offers a wide range of financial plans and payment options to meet personal and commercial requirements. The Al-Islami AutoFinance Plan provides funding opportunities of up to 1.5 million and AED 5 million for individual and non-individual consumers. The minimum salary requirement is 5,000 AED.

Emirates NBD Bank Car Loan

Emirates NBD is the most popular banks in Dubai. The auto loan interest rate here starts at 1.99 percent, while the first payment period lasts 120 days. NBD has also launched auto soup in collaboration with diesel. Car owners looking to sell their vehicles with the help of auto sweep can complete transactions without fixing their existing loans. Interestingly, ENBD also provides 0% interest loans for several cars, including New Volkswagen-Teramont and Passat, New Toyota, New Adi, and New Lamborghini. Emirates must check the terms and conditions mentioned on the NBD website.

Mashreq Bank Car Loan

Mashreq Car Loan offers its services on competitive terms, with additional benefits. Interest rates in the Mashreq Bank start at 3.45 percent with flexible payment options of 12 to 60 months. The maximum loan you have to borrow from an anesthetic bank is 500,000 AED to get the car you like. The paperwork required for paid applicants includes the application form, valid passport, Emirates ID, driving license, three months bank statement, and salary certificate. On the other hand, self-employed people need a trade license copy and power of attorney, among other documents.

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