How Mortgage Loan will simplify your life in UAE?

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Mortgage Loan - Emirates loan

A mortgage loan is a well-known kind of loan in the UAE, which is a loan against an estate or any other property. This is a kind of loan which is usually called a secured loan. The secured loan indicates that anything you buy from the loan will be secure and approachable by the bank in case of your negligence. for example, if you took the loan for a home and now you can not pay its installments, the bank will take that home into its custody. So, The bank has the right to snatch your property. In UAE, You can easily grab the chance for a mortgage loan without facing any complications in UAE.  

Go through this article to know more about Mortgage loans, what are the several kinds associated with that loan? In what circumstances you can get the mortgage loan and what type of requirements and regulations are set by the banks related to the loan? Let’s find out all these questions, in the light of research.   

Various categories of Mortgage loans in the UAE  

UAE serving their nation by introducing several kinds of Mortgage loans, all these classifications consist of different features from each other. Following are few types of Mortgage loans:-  

  • Mortgage Loan for UAE Residents 

This type of loan is also known as the long-term loan, which is to get ownership of the home. You can take the loan especially for making a new home or for purchasing the already existing home. With this loan, the bank will impose a certain condition, in which you cannot rent out or sell out the home from this loan.   

  • Mortgage Loan for Non-Residents of UAE 

This is another category that is specifically made for the outsiders living in UAE. So, if you are a non-resident applying for a mortgage loan in UAE by following specific terms and conditions suggested by the bank. So, you should check out your name on the list of non-residents. It may take a little time but you will get that loan.  

  • Mortgage Loan with fixed interest  

This category of loan works with a constant or continual ratio of interest. That means, the ratio of interest will be fixed and will not change with time under any condition. You will have to pay the same interest on its existing fixed rate.  

  • Mortgage Loan for non-fixed interest 

This type of loan is not constant and can change its interest with time or with the condition of the market. The market rates may fluctuate with time, so the ratio of your interest may also change. There can be up and down in market interest rates, which will create an impact on mortgage loans as well. If you are a specialist in market values and know the condition of interest rates in the market, it will useful for you. Because you may get this loan on less interest rate.     

  • Again Mortgage choice 

It is another kind, in which you have the choice to obtain another property loan through the re-mortgage option provided by the bank. You can also select this option for getting more time duration of paying the installment with interest for a mortgage loan in UAE.    

  •  Mortgage Loan for investment purposes 

Such kind of mortgage loan is available to help out investors or businessmen, if they want to invest in property. With this loan, investors can make or buy the properties and do whatever they want with all those properties. They can sell out or rent out for their business or take advantage of these properties.    

Banks that are serving the Mortgage loans in UAE   

  • The first prominent bank is the Emirates NBD, this bank gives mortgage loans to both citizens of UAE and outsiders. The ratio of interest for both is equally the same, it’s about up to 3.04% for fixed and for reducing rate it will be 5.75%.  
  • The next bank is the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, it’s rate of interest is fixed and reduced, which is almost the same for expats and citizens. The ratio is about up to 2.06% and 3.75% for both interest rates. 
  • Similarly, the other banks like RAKbank, Mashreq, standard chartered, CBD, are also busy in serving the nation through their Mortgage loan facility.  

Requirements and Documents 

  • Your minimum residential history in the UAE for about 6 to 8 months will require. 
  • The period that you spent with your work, job, or business will consider. That should be almost about 6 months or more.  
  • Visa/passport copies 
  • Proof of earnings  
  • Emirates original ID with copies 
  • Trade receipt  
  • Business registration slip
Scenario for applying 

You can apply via two basic procedures, one is an online available method. The second one is a formal prevailing method. select a method according to your comfort zone.   


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