Gain knowledge about various types of credit cards in UAE  

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types of credit cards in UAE

Everyone is so much familiar with the varieties of credit cards that are prevailing throughout the whole world. This modern era not only brings the evolution in the development of technology but the monetary system of the world is also developed. These revolutionary changes created a deep impact on the economy of the world and also affects the banking system of the countries. When we talk about the UAE, so the past few years were the most important years for every emirate of UAE. Because the monetary, financial, and economical changes also made this region a wonderful region.  

Therefore, in recent days UAE is considered the most developed and modern region of the world. Where you can see not only the various types of credit cards in UAE but many other improved financial products that are well-known in the whole world. Some credit cards will facilitate their users outside the UAE also. These cards are providing both national and international financial services to their users. These several kinds of credit cards are full of benefits and full of various entertainment packages. 

Some specialties associated with the credit cards 

Any kind of financial matter related to the inside or outside the UAE, for example, any inner and outer transaction, is very easy and manageable now. With the help of these cards, you will attain lots of privileges related to cashback offers and can get various items at the best-discounted prices. The major types of credit cards we are going to discuss here in this piece of paper with the benefits. A major understanding of these types of credit cards in the UAE is also an essential element of this study.  

Credit cards can assist you while any emergency also because with these cards you will get lots of urgent facilities as well. Similarly, an urgent cash need issue will be easily sorted out via using this credit card service at that time. If you are a fun lover or you love to do online shopping, so it will be specifically designed to facilitate you via its online services. These are just a few specialties, there are furthermore advantages attached to every kind of credit card. So, what are you waiting for? go and grab your credit card in UAE to avail all those services plus advantages inside/outside the UAE. 

Classifications of the Credit Cards in UAE  


Cashback credit cards  

This category is the most prominent and well-known in the list of credit cards because of its super duper offers related to cashback. As the name shows, this card gives the same facility to the consumers, whether they are locals or not. There is a specific proportion on which the cashback is provided to the holder of a card. For example, a holder can get up to 5% cash back on every kind of heavy item purchasing within the range of UAE. Similarly, when you do shopping at Dubai malls or even anywhere in UAE malls. so you will also get a specific cashback percentage with every type of shopping.  

Likewise, cashback offers will be provided with online purchasing, online food buying, online hotel bookings, air ticket bookings, etc. There are much more offers of this amazing cashback service that will be provided inside and outside the country. When you go to foreign countries on some kind of business tour and for any other purpose. You will obtain your money back at that place also by using the cashback credit card in UAE 

Following are some banks that are giving the facility of cashback credit cards in UAE:-  

  • Mashreq bank gives a cashback credit card facility with a minimum salary of 10,000 AED.  
  • Deem cashback credit card facility with a minimum salary of 6000 AED. 
  • FAB cashback credit card with a minimum salary of 5000 AED.  

Balance Transfer Credit Card 

This is another type of credit card that is also very common and popular due to its balance-sharing service. Such card offers an amazing feature that is connected with two accounts. In which, a holder can transfer the amounts on a specific limit to another account. That other account can be the second account of the same cardholder also or it can be someone else’s amount as well. This type of card is very convenient and easy to use with other types of credit cards in UAE.   

You can get this facility at the time of buying this card. It will facilitate you and your friend also in the time of urgent cash need. Bank will allow you to send your specific amount to the other account via using this balance transfer card. In case of a shortage of money, you can receive the amount from any other account also to recharge your balance. There is almost every bank in UAE that is providing such a credit card facility. Here are a few examples mentioned below:- 

  • Emirates NBD Lulu MasterCard Titanium card with balance transfer feature. The salary is up to 5000 AED.  
  • FAB Elite infinite balance transfer card with a minimum salary of 40,000 AED.  
  • United Arab Bank visa Titanium balance transfer card with a salary of 6000 AED. 

Travel Credit Card 

Another amazing kind of credit card that fits for all kinds of traveling and can manage your all travel expenditures smoothly. Whenever you go for a trip or tour, it will be beneficial for you during your journey. That journey can be inside the UAE from one emirate to another or it can be an international journey. In both cases, the travel credit card will facilitate you at its best level. During the whole trip whenever you do shopping or dining, the card will be helpful for you with various deals, offers, cashback, and discounts. You can say, with the various types of credit cards in UAE, the travel card will make your life more exciting. Your traveling will be more fascinating with the travel credit card service. Even when a holder purchases air tickets or book international hotels for staying out there. it will give you a discount and the tickets will be also available at good discounted prices. 

Here are the names of a few most prominent banks that are serving the nation through travel credit cards:-  

  • Standard chartered platinum travel credit card facility with a minimum salary of 8000 AED.  
  •  CBD visa platinum travel credit card facility with a salary range of up to 8000 AED.  
  • RAKBANK MasterCard world travels credit card. The minimum salary will be up to 20,000 AED.    

Cinema offers credit cards 

This credit card will be beneficial for those people that are fun lovers, movie lovers, outing lovers, etc. Because through this kind of credit card they can obtain the opportunity of free movie tickets. Yes, via using this credit card in UAE people may earn several free tickets to the cinema. Even a holder can obtain the buy 1 get 1 offer also with the usage of this amazing card. So, don’t waste your opportunity and get free tickets for your friends and family also. So that, you all can enjoy your favorite movie in the cinemas of UAE. This kind of credit card will be provided to you through many banks. Here are a few banks mentioned below:-  

  • FAB cashback card facility will give you this advantage. With a minimum salary of 5000 AED.  
  • Citibank Prestige card is also giving this facility. The minimum salary will be up to 30,000 AED.  
  • Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum card will give you this facility. The salary will be almost 8,000 AED.  

Golf credit card  

This facility is associated with golf courses. Here in UAE, golf is not just a game or a normal sport it is something on the next level that is very much famous. There are special courses available within the range of UAE for all golf lovers. Within the types of credit cards in UAE, this credit card in UAE will give you a chance for a free golf course. Many banks are providing this credit card facility to consumers. A few of them are the following:-  

  • Mashreq bank’s solitaire card will allow you this facility. The minimum salary requirement will be 25,000.  
  • Emirates Islamic skywards signature card is serving you via this facility. With a minimum salary of 10000. 
  • The standard chartered Manhattan platinum card is available with such a facility also. The requirement for minimum salary will be up to 8000 AED.   
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