Emirates Islamic cashback card will blow your mind

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Emirates Islamic cashback card - Emirates Loan

Life is converting in the digital era and everything is going to be digital. We are using mobiles and avoiding landline phones, same as we are using ATM cards instead of cash. After ATM cards, banks introduced credit cards, we can purchase anything with a credit card. These cards are designed for customer benefit and it is easy to pay with a credit card. Now some banks are providing cashback cards for their customer. This facility is available in some specific shopping malls and stores.    

Difference Between ATMs and Credit Cards 

ATM cards are an alternative way of cash that can use everywhere easily. These cards are safe at this recent time because cash is not safe these days. Different banks are providing different limits for ATMs. You can use only such credit that will be in your bank account and connected with an ATM card. On the other hand, credit cards provide you with the amount on behalf of the bank and you will pay the bill at the end of the month. Different banks give different packages on credit cards, named gold, silver, and platinum cards. These cards have different limits for the amount, if you will exceed this limit you will pay some extra charges. 

UAE Credit Cards 

Banks are providing different credit cards in UAE with distinct limits. These cards can be used anywhere in UAE and you can purchase anything with them. Different banks provide credit cards with different criteria and with specific limits. You can easily pay the house bills with this card at the end of the month. UAE banks are providing credit cards without any extra charges because these banks are working to serve people. There are some advantages and disadvantages also attached with credit cards, if you will exceed the limit you will pay interest on it. You can use your credit card in times of emergency and also when no other source will be available to help you. These cards offer you discounts on a large number of brands, hotels, and airport lounges. Air companies are also providing tickets at low rates on your credit card.  

Cashback Offers 

Many UAE banks provide cashback credit cards now, and the client can use them anywhere easily. On these cards, the client can use various offers and will receive some cashback. The percentage of cashback is different in different banks, some banks give 10% and some other give 20% to 25%. Clients can use these cashback cards in shopping malls, hotels, and airport lounges.            

Emirates Islamic cashback card 

Emirates Islamic bank is a prominent bank in UAE, this bank is also providing cashback credit cards. You can get Emirates Islamic cashback card with simple criteria and can use it anywhere in UAE. This card is considered the best-selling credit card in UAE, client can get this card on a minimum salary of AED 12000. This bank is charging AED 299 as annual fee and providing a large number of benefits on it. Different rewards are available on these cards with different percentages and packages. This bank gives rewards to cardholders, that rewards may give you the maximum value of your money. This card gives you up to 10% cash on dining, education, telecom, and groceries. You can use it in every shopping mall and hotel and can get 10% cashback on your shopping. you also can get 10% off on supermarket shopping, where brands are giving this offer. 

Some other specifications attached to the Emirates Islamic cashback card 

You can enjoy dinner in your favorite restaurant and get 10% cashback on your Emirates Islamic cashback card. You can get access to 1000+ airport lounges across the border with this card. This card also gives 10% cash back on the school fee of your children, in this way you can give them the best education level that they deserve. 1 favorable valet parking service each month and 2 rounds a week of golf for cardholders will be also available. You can eat out at your favorite restaurant around the world and enjoy up to 10% cashback. You can pay the bills at Etisalat in UAE and telecom bills across the world. You can enjoy RTA privileges and you can obtain the facility of auto top-up on salik. The Salik cards are the same as motorway cards that are required in UAE for any transport. You can also enjoy movies by purchasing discounted cinema tickets with this card 2 times in a month. If you have this card, AED 3,000 is required to spend in a month to get the other benefits. 

Key Features of this Card 

  • Easy access to offers for a large number of companies. 
  • Unique offers from visa and 0% easy payment plans.  
  • Cardholders can get easy access to unlimited invitations at dining everywhere in UAE. 
  • Can get discounts on up to 900 luxurious hotels around the world. 
  • It also gives RTA benefits, educational, medical, and multi-trip insurance. 
  • It gives protection with an Islamic credit shield.  
  • It provides golf offers at exclusive discounts.  

Privileges for customers 

There are some additional benefits of using credit cards in UAE, it can be helpful if you are a migrated person. It is helpful in emergency cases when you need help and no one is available to help you. You can pay your bills with this card and get cashback on the existing offers. Sometimes online purchasing may give you a loss, in this case, banks can refund your money because of this card. Airport lounges are free anywhere your credit cards, otherwise, it is so costly for you. If you want to convert your card to a costly card then your bank gives you a bonus on it. 

Criteria for Credit Cards 

  • First of all Emirates ID will be required for all people. For non-residence, their visas and passport photocopies will be a must. 
  • The minimum salary demand will be almost AED 5,000. 
  • The age limit is 21 minimum and the maximum age will be 60.
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