Commercial Bank of Dubai credit card is now available with many facilities

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Commercial Bank of Dubai credit card - Emirates loan

Credit cards are now making the lives of people so relaxing and mesmerizing because such cards are playing the most important part in life. Because of these cards, everything is now so easy and shopping is also not a big deal with it. But the question is how we can get these credit cards with their adequate financial services. Especially when we live in UAE because in this region of the world credit cards are essential. Almost every person is taking the advantage of this small plastic valuable card. Various banks are facilitating the people via their credit card services, in which commercial bank of Dubai is one of the most prominent banks in the UAE. 

Commercial bank of Dubai credit card is also the most popular product of this bank throughout the whole country. This bank is a well-known bank in Dubai and it is considered the 7th largest bank in the United Arab Emirates. Various high-profile and amazing credit card services are bound with this bank. Several types of credit cards are simple credit card, titanium credit card, visa platinum credit card, and much more varieties are also involved in it. Here our major topic is the credit card of this bank with its top-quality features. Also, we will discuss the several kinds of credit cards that are serving via their high-level financial assistance for all locals and expats. This article is totally based on research on various credit cards of CBD and if you are interested in taking knowledge about it, stay connected with it.  

CBD Credit cards with their specifications  

  • Reliable and trustworthy product  

These credit cards are known for their reliability and trustworthiness. Anyone can comfortably depend on these cards of commercial bank Dubai. Expats also trust such cards because they know very well how accurate services these cards are providing. No matter, what type of commercial bank of Dubai credit card you are using right now, every feature of such cards is unique by nature. Various types of cards are existing and are designed by the CBD according to the requirements of customers.  

  • Availability of anywhere

The biggest advantage connected with the CBD credit card is it’s any time and everywhere availability. When a person needs to avail the service of this card inside the city of Dubai and outside the city also. So it will facilitate everywhere if you are living in any far away place, so do not worry it will also work in that far place.  

  • Additional benefits  

Credit cards from CBD will provide you the many more additional advantages besides financial services. You will attain the gift hampers with shopping within the malls of Dubai. Similarly, other rewards offers and many vouchers are essential parts of this commercial bank of Dubai credit card facilities. You will not feel bored at all while having the facility of this credit card. Lots of discounts are also available on purchasing items and also with online shopping. Even whenever a cardholder books a ride on careem, he will also get a discount on the ride. You can also get the facility of roadside assistance with which you can easily ask for immediate help during any road accident or car damage.  

  • Entertainment bundles

These cards are providing their customers with a full-time entertainment package with high-level financial assistance. A holder can get free movie tickets, free entrance to various fitness clubs and golf courses, access to airport lounges, and desert safari rides. Similarly, free parking services, travel assistance, and much more things are also involved.  

  • Easy handling  

It is also the biggest benefit of these cards that you can easily handle their financial services. like transactions of any kind will be safe and secure with the usage of such credit cards. Any kind of other monetary exchanges within the range of Dubai or also within the whole UAE can be easily handled by its accurate service. So, if you want any type of commercial bank of Dubai credit card, grab the chance and get your favorite card.  

Kinds of commercial bank of Dubai credit cards  

  • Titanium MasterCard  

The titanium MasterCard will give you a lot of benefits with monetary services. There are several points attached to it, that can be available by spending specific amounts within the range of UAE and also outside UAE. When you spend that specific portion of the amount inside the country, it will give you 1 point or reward. And for spending outside the boundary, the points value will be 1.5. Many other benefits are also involved like you can get cashback offers, whenever you do shopping via visiting malls or via online sources. So the cashback on various items will be waiting for you.  

Likewise, discounted prices will be given to you with this titanium MasterCard facility. You can also get the redeemed points as a reward while purchasing various products like electrical and others. Obtain the 2 movie tickets in a month and the tickets will be 50% off with the usage of this credit card. This facility of discounted tickets will be applied to nova cinemas every month. A holder can avail more than 500 chances for dining throughout the country. 

Especially, if he is using the commercial bank of Dubai mobile application and via the app he will enjoy those dining. There are much more facilities attached to this credit card and you can easily maintain your lifestyle with all these affordable and reliable facilities. You can get travel advantages also by using this card and it will be free for life. You will not have to pay its annual charges. The salary requirement will be 8000 and your age should be between 21 to 65 years.  

  • Visa Platinum credit card  

Another amazing credit card from CBD that can give you some additional rewards with basic credit card services. When a person applies for this card it will be free for the first time. which means no annual charges will be needed to pay at the time of taking this credit card. Other benefits are the cashback offers with purchasing in shopping malls of Dubai. No matter what type of products you want to buy, cashback will be there for you. Similarly, entertainment and fun are also a major part of this credit card, you can enjoy the movie in nova cinema with your partner. Because you will get the 50% off on two tickets and this offer will be valid for 2 times a month. 

Many visa advantages are also there to assist you in the right way with this visa platinum credit card. In which, you will get travel benefits, medical benefits, dining inside or outside the boundary and much more. You can avail the other kind of enormous benefits with which your lifestyle will be entirely changed. There is another biggest benefit attached to this credit card, is the chip and pin facility. According to such a facility, you can easily make your transactions and pay your bills without any hesitation. Because this method will be safe and secure and there will be no chance of any miss happening with the password.  

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