Citibank Ultima Credit Card is an outstanding facility

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Citibank Ultima Credit Card - Emirates Loan

Citibank is the most renowned bank in UAE with several reliable financial services. You will see the various branches of this bank around you. Citibank will give you all categories related to financial products. The products are fabulous of all types, especially the variety of credit cards are awesome. You will find out many different credit cards that will facilitate the holder at any moment inside the UAE. some cards are beneficial outside the country also, we are going to discuss such types of credit cards that can give you national and international assistance also. 

This card is the Citibank ultima credit card, which contains unlimited benefits and has unique specialties with it. This credit card will give you a bunch of rewards and many facilities that will be sufficient for you and your family as well. In this article, the major specialties of this credit card will be described. And how an individual can get the facility of this card easily in UAE will be also discussed. So, let’s begin with some major aspects of this amazing city ultima credit card.  

Basic traits attached to Citibank ultima credit card in UAE 

  • The first basic trait that is connected with this card, is its multiple advantages and discount offers. A holder can avail different discounted items and products inside the UAE range. Whenever you do shopping, a discount with a particular percentage will be awarded to the holder. The not only discount you will obtain via using this card but cashback will be also given to holders. There are several famous places in UAE, that can allow you cashback offers via using this Citibank ultima credit card. 
  • Another characteristic is relevant to the skywards miles. When a holder attains the service of this card, he will get the skywards miles as a gift. This reward will be up to 25000 AED. similarly, another skyward bonus will be allowed to the holder when he pays the annual fee of this card. With the annual fee, the miles will be given up to 10,000.  
  • Whenever a holder get the membership of this city ultima credit card, so he may also obtain the skyward silver membership with it. With this, he can get the opportunity to carry excess luggage of about 12 kg and much more airport services.  
  • When someone gets that card as a preliminary holder, the complete and pure metal card will be given to that individual. 
  • A holder can get the chance of endless multinational airport lounge entry facilities also. More than a thousand airport lounges access will be given to the cardholder Internationally. Even a free invitation for another single person will be also given to the cardholder.  
  • This credit card is the most reliable card among the other credit cards in UAE. It will provide you the full entertaining packages also with endless golf courses with weekend visits. So, what are you waiting for, reach Citibank and avail the best opportunity in the form of this credit card. 
  • There are many other fabulous advantages relevant to the card. Via using this card you can get many surprises and offers like buy 1 get 1 offer. Even you can buy heavy commodities with a specific small amount and all because of this credit card. Whenever you do shopping at home via using the web facility, it will also give you discounts on such online ordering.   
  • Online ride booking will also save your specific amount with this Citibank ultima credit card. Not only rides will give you discounts but the online food service in UAE will also offer discounts.  
  • Another benefit is it’s  immediate loan service. Whenever you need to obtain a loan on an urgent basis, no worries, via using this card you will get a loan immediately. The next existing biggest benefit of this card is the dining facility and discounts across the country also. You will get cashback on food offers with a specific proportion inside and outside the country. Similarly, huge entertaining packages are also available with this card.  

Criteria to get Citibank ultima credit card in UAE 

  • The major aspect that you need to know about this credit card is related to the minimum salary. The salary will be approximately 36, 750 AED minimum. This amount of salary is entirely dependent upon the features related to this credit card. All the features are highly recognizable and most businessmen like to attain such cards from Citibank.  
  • The other major aspect is the age of a candidate. The minimum age requirement for the city ultima credit card will be up to 21 years. Below this age range, you can not qualify for this card facility.  
  • Make sure your bank statements are with you at the card applying time. Bank will verify your previously existing bank record or credit history. Therefore, prepare your few month’s previous bank statements. You can also bring utility bills with you for a few months.  
  • Valid Emirati ID will be also a fundamental element during the whole process.  
  • If you are a foreigner with another identity, so bring your passport and visa also with your emirate ID.  
  • If you own a vehicle, so bring your driving license also with you.  
  • Monthly earning slips are also mandatory while applying for this credit card. 

The ways to get the Citibank ultima credit card in UAE 

There are 3 ways through which you can easily attain the facility of this card.  

  • The first one is through the bank’s visit, just search the nearest bank branch in your hometown and come with all documents.  
  • The second option is through the Citibank official website, where you can apply for this card easily.  
  • The last and third one is via the Citibank mobile App. This app is specifically made for the comfort zone of candidates. They can easily take the Citibank ultima credit card service within their homes. Just install the app and enjoy the free credit card application procedure at home.  
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