Can foreigners get loan in Dubai?

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Can foreigners get loan in Dubai - Emirates Loan

Dubai’s financial market is so wider that offers the finances to all locals as well as foreigners. Many people have confused about Can foreigners get loan in Dubai? If you are an overseas investor, you can also apply for a loan in this country. The non-residents also purchase properties with the use of loans. Here, we will give a complete guide on the expat loan in Dubai. You will know about the eligibility, requirements, and many other things.

Can foreigners get loan in Dubai?

Foreigners can get a loan and fulfill their financial needs. With this debt, a foreigner can buy their own home, pay their bills, etc. There are so many benefits for non-residents in Dubai. In case you are also looking for a non-resident loan, you are in the right place. The Emirates Loan has so many options for foreigners to get loans also.

Moreover, they offer a high amount of debt in flexible repayment & tenure. That’s the biggest reason; they are the best financial company that ensures to fulfill the demands of clients. They provide amazing services to all nationals & ex-pats. However, foreigners have fewer choices as compared to nationals. But, these choices are enough for them to live a tension-free life. Without the stress of finances, a person can do work better and just focus on achieving his goals.

Eligibility Criteria

It is right that overseas loan in Dubai is available for every foreigner but the eligibility criteria are strict. Whenever you make a plan to apply for a loan, check these criteria and ensure that you will meet them all. Otherwise, your application will get rejected by the loan provider. All over the country, it is a general rule to meet these criteria:

  • Banks have already issued a list of those countries whose citizens are eligible to apply. So, you have to check if your country’s name is present on the list or not. Checking is easier because this list is available on every bank’s official site.
  • Your profession is also a criterion. It means you must be a working person in Dubai. It includes both salaried and self-employed fields.
  • The age restriction is also a compulsory term in every bank. But, all lenders have different age restrictions. Some provide to the applicant of 21 years of age. On the other hand, some banks give loans to foreigners if they are at least 25 years old. But, it also depends on the debt amount.
  • Furthermore, as we all know, the monthly income requirement is also mandatory. All lenders specified the minimum salary amount per month in their terms. This term is also not the same for foreigners and nationals of the UAE.

Required Documentation

The Dubai foreigner loan requirements also include the proper submission of documentation. After meeting all the criteria, now give attention to the documents that are compulsory. The purpose of these documents is to give surety to a lender that you are a trustworthy person. Here, we will tell some general document requirements but many banks also demand more documents. Therefore, read their terms of requirements before applying.

In particular, the foreigners have to submit all the below documents in order to get quick approval. These are:

  • Your valid passport (it shows your accurate identification)
  • The bank statement (it is for knowing about your finances, so submit the statements for the past three months)
  • If you are a salaried foreigner, you will need the certificates of your salary.
  • Self-employed foreigners have to submit a trade license.
  • If you already took many loans, the sharing of all details of these loans is also essential.


Numerous features of the loans in Dubai give foreigners a feeling of relaxation for finances. You will clearly enjoy these features if you apply through the Emirates Loan. This financial company is top-rated because it gives priority to the financial life of every individual. They also treat foreigners very well if they want to avail the debts. The notable features are:

  • A high maximum loan amount is possible. The good idea is to always apply the amount accordingly to your financial circumstances. Never, apply for excessive amounts if you do not need them. The most popular banks give the highest amount. For example, ADCB allows applying for a debt of a maximum of twenty-four million AED.
  • For a foreign individual, you need to pay 20% on purchasing a loan or a car. And, the remaining amount will pay by the lender. But, if the purchasing of a property is more than five million AED, you have to pay down 30% of the amount. In some scenarios, banks only give debt of 50% of the overall cost of the property.
  • The expat applicants have also both options of interest rates. They can choose reduced or flat interests. Both rates have their own specifications. But, the ex-pat will repay the amount with a high-interest rate in contrast to nationals. However, the interest amount is not too higher that you will face difficulty during paying it down.
  • In general, the tenure for a foreigner is short. But, it depends on the financial profile of the applicant. There is also an age restriction for the whole period of paying off. During the tenure, the age must be lower to 65 years and 70 years for salaried and self-employed respectively.

Banks offer foreign loans in UAE

Most of the well-known banks in Dubai offer foreigners loans. As a result, they feel more secure in the country. They are free from the stress of a financial crisis. Such banks include DIB, ADCB, etc. Besides banks, online lenders are also now giving tough competition to banks. These lenders do have not too many requirements for applying. Even, they give higher amounts as well.

Is it easier to avail of loans in Dubai?

The most uncomplicated process is to avail of loans in the UAE or Dubai. It is a place where financial help is much more than in any other country. The approval is also not difficult if you meet the criteria and submit the form with all documents. But, before doing anything make your financial budget and then apply for the debt amount accordingly.

Can a foreigner leave Dubai with a loan?

It depends on the lender if they allow you or not. Firstly, you need to contact the lender. They will do some essential steps and then may give you permission. But it is only in a rare case. Generally, you need to pay off all debt amounts. You may get an option to repay all installments and then you can leave Dubai. If you get funds for purchasing a property and you do have not many finances to repay at a time, you will need to sell your property. Most importantly, there is also extra addition of early settlement charges.

Final verdict

Can foreigners get loan in Dubai? The foreigner investor can easily take loans. The options may be limited for them but good to at least take some extra finances. It makes your financial status more stable. Not every bank has the same criteria for foreigners loan. However, the citizen’s country and salary are the major factors. Show your identification and also give proof of your work. In Dubai, all ex-pats can get loans according to their needs. The excellent way is to read all the terms and then do the application process.

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