Best Personal Loan in UAE for 2021

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ADIB personal loan

2021 Best Personal Loan in UAE

Personal Loans are the preferable short-term credits as there are a few financial options for people living in the UAE. We all require personal loans in our lives for several purposes, including vacations, renovation, or emergencies. There are many internationally well-recognized and domestic banks operating in UAE offering trustworthy services. But it’s imperative to find the best lender that provides an excellent borrowing experience and makes the process easier. Your loan application’s approval depends on the two main features; one is matching your lender’s least eligibility criteria and an average credit score. The following banks offer the best loan along with the least interest rate and eye-catching benefits in the United Arab Emirates.

1. Abu-Dhabi Islamic Bank Personal Loan

ADIB is the general category bank. It is one of the enormous bank chains in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). ADI Bank is a joint-stock company. By abiding by Islamic Shari’a principles ADIB holds countless transactions, services, contracts, and loan borrowing strategies and policies. When we talk about some statistical figures, the facts necessary to be considered before applying are as follows:

Whether you are a UAE national or expatriate, the least salary you must be earning ranges up to AED 8,000.
• The flat rate of interest for UAE citizens is 3.72%, and for non-UAE citizens, it is 3.85%.
• The reducing rate of interest on each installment is 6.75%
• The maximum amount of loan a borrower can get depend on his nationality

(a) For UAE nationals – the loan amount is AED 1 million.
(b) For ex-pats the loan amount is AED 3 million.

Some other advantageous features of personal loans of ADIB include:

The ADI Bank entertains the new customers applying for a personal loan by providing a 1% discount on all existing profits and processing fees are also zero.
• The clients can also avail themselves of Takaful insurance.
• To ease the pocket of personal loan borrowers, the Bank offers a grace period of 90 days for the first installment.
• The worthy approved ADIB personal loan applicants have the authority to postpone the installments for one year.
• The ADIB personal loan holder also gets the pre-approved ADIB VISA Cashback Card at no cost.

2. DUBAI ISLAMIC BANKs Personal Loan

Dubai Islamic Bank’s most attractive feature related to personal loans is the least salary requirement. The minimum salary required to meet the eligibility criteria is only AED 3000. Dubai Islamic Bank offers Shari’a compliant “Personal Finance” or personal loan policy that depends on the Islamic Finance concept of “Musawamah.” Dubai Islamic Bank provides the following mesmerizing features that will bias every person to stick to this Bank for getting personal loans:

Rapid and convenient application approvals.
• The loan amounts are considerably high for personal loans. It is AED 4 million for UAE nationals, and for NON-UAE citizens, it is AED 2 million.
• The repayment tenure is also quite elastic. It ranges up to 48 months.
• The documentation procedures are so simple and easy.
• There are no camouflaged fees.
• The interest rates are fabulous.

The reason for selecting Dubai Islamic bank personal loans:

Dubai Islamic Bank allows low-income people to apply for personal loans whether they belong to the UAE or any other state in the world.
• The abrupt documentation process ensures the emergency access of loan amount while you have no time to wait.
• The easy access of the customer to such stress-free affairs depicts the Bank’s devotion towards customer service.

3. EMIRATES NBD Personal Loan

Emirate NDB personal loans are incredibly accessible to get approval as a candidate of private loan borrower. The reducing rate of interest at each installment is so freaking that you will also be amazed after knowing it is 5.49%. The Bank serves its customers with a flat profit rate of 2.9%. The minimum salary requirement for Emirates NDB personal loan is AED 5000. Emirates NDB bank offers a high loan amount of 4 million. The repayment tenure of 4 years for the worthy client is also long enough. The bank account and debit card had freely provided to the loan borrower. A handsome amount of AED 4000 b supplied for a successful loan. At the time of loan application, no guarantor and collateral are necessary.
The number one values of Emirates NBD are the primary tools for attracting a bulk amount of borrowers. These values include an enriched ethical environment essence with tolerance and hospitality. A nature of simplicity and sensibility do make the dealings quite convenient in Emirates NBD bank. NBD bank offers spectacular policies for loan borrowers. If you plan to get the loan for your task accomplishment, the best personal loans of UAE bank policies will go to pay you back.

4. RAKBANK Personal Loans or Financing

RAKBANK facilitates its customers with high loan payments and amazingly low-interest rates. The Bank offers accessible repayment tenure of loans ranging up to 4 years for ex-pats and up to 5 years for UAE nationals, especially those belonging to ARMY. This bank also highlights itself in the list of Best Personal Loans in UAE.

Salary requirement & Rates of interest:

Least Salary: AED 3000
• Rate of interest: From 5.99% (Per annum)
Some salient features of RAKBANK personal loan are:
• After one year, a loan increment is available.
• RAK Bank Debit Card and personal checkbook are with zero cost
• RAK Bank Credit Card with no yearly fee and least rate of interest.


ABC Bank offers exclusive loans for personal purposes by selections to ex-pats as well as considered as best personal loans for UAE citizens. It attracts its customers with fascinating interest rates, handsome finance amount, lengthy repayment tenures, and convenient eligible criteria.

Salary Requirements & Rates of interest:

• Least Salary: AED 6000
• Rate of interest: 4.99% – 14% (Per annum)

Some salient features of ADCB personal loan are:

Salary eligibility quiet high
• The repayment period is remarkably long.
• Life insurance credit is free.
• ADCB Credit Card will be free of cost
• Salary overdraft will be up to 2 times

6. FIRST ABU DHABI bank personal loans

The rate of interest of FAB personal loans can be at least up to 3.99%. The Bank can even make it down to 2.09% for privileged customers.
Salary requirements: minimally up to AED 10,000,
Some fascinating features of this personal loan for its customers include:

• Easy and simple documentation process and rapid approvals
• Personal life insurance coverage comprehensively.
• Repayment terms are flexible.

7. EMIRATES ISLAMIC BANK personal loan

EIB personal loans offer its clients an interest rate that is extremely low at 3.99%. The bank salary requirements demand a minimum salary of AED 10,000 per month. It provides the following salient features:

• Longest repayment tenure of 4 years
• A high borrowing amount of AED 4 million (4000, 000) for UAE Nationals and AED 2 million (2,000, 000) for expatriates.

Final Talk:

After looking at the interest rate and minimum salary requirements of each Bank, it becomes easier for you to select the Bank before applying for personal loans in the UAE. If we talk about the best Bank for a personal loan, then the Bank which perfectly suits your salary and interest rate is best. Before deciding the Bank for a personal loan, you must check that you are lying in which category of citizenship, whether you are a UAE national or an expatriate.

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