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ADIB Personal Loan

Abu-Dhabi Islamic Bank

Offers a personal loan to facilitate its client’s big purchases, or amalgamate high-interest debts. Nowadays, getting personal loans to accomplish various objectives and obligations is the best decision if your finance doesn’t allow you to meet the target. Getting married, having a business class holiday, and getting higher education from a renowned educational destination, buying a new well-furnished house for your beloved ones are some desires, which can come true by obtaining the ADIB personal loans. Personal loans offered by ADIB have low-interest rates than credit cards; people can use them to combine multiple credit card debts into a single, lower-cost monthly payment. Wow! What a straightforward approach ADIB bank offers for qualifying personal loan application approvals. ADIB bank divides the people applying for a personal loan into two categories:

  •  One is UAE citizens or nationals.
  •  Another category is refugees, foreigners, also known as expatriates

    INTEREST RATE for ADIB personal loans:

If we talk about the interest rate, these are the amounts of interests applied according to the sum’s proportion, borrowed, or deposited, on the due period. ADIB, an extensive banking line in Emirates, will prove itself as your best decision when you know that this interest rate is reducing category. It means that whenever the worthy client or borrower pays an installment then simultaneously, the ADIB personal loan interest rate decreases.
You will indeed be satisfied in getting ADIB personal loan when you through the below mentioned interest rates for ADIB personal loans:

ADIB personal loans for UAE nationals/ citizenship holder:

  • The maximum amount of loan a UAE borrower can get – AED 3 Million
  • ADIB personal loan interest rate- 6.75% to 20.00% p.a.
  • Total tenure- 48 months or three years
  • Reducing the type interest rate

ADIB personal loans for non-UAE/ex-pats people:

  • The maximum amount of loan a non-UAE borrower can get – AED 1 Million
  • ADIB personal loan interest rate- 6.75% to 20.00% p.a.
  • Total tenure- 48 months or three years
  • Reducing the type interest rate


How useful is this? That the requirements or eligibility scenario for ADIB personal loans are quite similar for UAE and Non-UAE citizens. To be a competitive and appropriate ADIB personal loan application, you must have to fulfill the below mentioned easy tizzy requisites:

  • You must be earning minimally 8,000 AED.
  • You must not be less than 21 years at the time of application.
  • You just need to transfer your salary.
  • The age at the time of completion of tenor:

  1. For UAE citizens: up to 65 years
  2. For non-UAE citizens: up to 60 years


    While making earnings of AED 5,000, you are still applicable for ADIB personal loans. You have an opportunity to avail of personal loans at a flat rate of 3.72% for UAE nationals and 3.85% for ex-pats. The reducing rate of interest at each installment is 6.75% for UAE nationals and 6.99% for ex-pats.


  3. The borrower of ADIB personal loan will go to enjoy such remarkable advantages, along with the handsome amount of loan. The amount which is going to be fruitful for the borrower will also benefit him in the following ways:
  4. When you approach the bank to get the loan, there will be no processing fee that you have to pay.
  5. After getting the loan approval, you will get the ADIB VISA cashback card free during the first year.
  6. ADIB will allow its privileged burrower clients to postpone two installments each year without implementing additional charges.
  7. The period for finance repayment is up to 48 months or three years.
  8. To deposition the first installment, they offer worthy clients a Grace period of 90 days. The borrower is free to deposit the 1st installment in this tenure and manage his/her economic situation.
  9. A travel credit card offered by ADIB Bank will allow its worthy clients to enjoy amazing discounts on hotel bookings, flights, dining restaurants, and vehicle fuel. Furthermore, valet parking free of cost and 100 global airport lounges offer you free limitless complimentary access. You can avail these luxuries with no money for the whole year.
  10. The clients can also get the pre-approval for the loan and can get the reservation.
  11. The client can get the maximum tenor of 4 years.
  12. The free card can be availed with full access.
  13. The worthy ADIB personal loan holder also enjoys the TAKAFUL insurance as we all know that loans are mostly borrowed to fulfill the desires of life with our families. This insurance ensures the financial protection of your family and beloved ones in abrupt unfortunate circumstances of life. In death and permanent disability in any mishap in life, Takaful insurance will facilitate the worthy ADIB persona loan borrower. AbuDhabi Takaful Co. is the company that will pay the loan up to AED 2 million of the borrowers.

How can you apply for ADIB personal loan?

There are various methods by which you can apply for ADIB personal loans,
• You can apply online by just filling in your necessary personal information and making the ADIB aware of your required loan amount.


Personal documents that the worthy client must keep or carry with him/her are easily accessible and direct papers required at the ADIB personal loan application. The documents necessary vary according to the category of the client. Following documents are required for UAE nationals and expatriate:

FOR UAE Nationals:

  • Original passport or photocopy
  • Original or copy of Emirates ID
  • Bank statement of 90 days or three months – conditionally that the borrower is not accrediting the salary to ADIB.


    • Original and valid passport along with embassy stamped residency visa.
    • Three months statement of bank

ADIB personal loan interest rate calculator:

The interest rate for the ADIB personal loan calculator is working online on the Abu Dhabi Islamic bank website. You can access the website online. Another way for calculating the interest rate is by the manual method. In this method, a formula for calculating the simple interest rate is used.

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