ADCB Credit Cards in UAE: Choose the Perfect Card for Your Lifestyle

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ADCB Credit Cards in UAE - Emirates Loan

ADCB Credit Cards

Credit cards are the basic need for finance for living exceptional daily life. They can use for every purpose such as shopping, paying bills, traveling, etc. They are in vast kinds for every financial task. You can choose the perfect card for your lifestyle accordingly to your need.  ADCB credit cards in UAE are very worthy because of the reputable performance of the bank.

With Emirates Loan, you will understand the information of all credit cards of ADCB more easily and quickly. Here, you will know about their benefits and use. With all of this information, your selection of a credit card becomes uncomplicated.

ADCB Infinite Credit Card

As its name shows, the ADCB Infinite Credit Card is with infinite features. It comes with a welcome bonus. So, a customer enjoys its initial use also. This bonus is more than 50000 points. Even, you will receive instantly 15000 points at the time of applying. Spending of higher money by it will also give many more points. These points are equal to one thousand Euros. The best thing is that getting the reward points is done only by spent of one dollar. This spending can be on hotel booking on any other thing.

Moreover, there are great deals on Accor’s restaurants & spas. The 25% discounts make it good for you to spend on yourself. Accor also allows a person to use free access to the beach or pool. After using it the first time, it will automatically upgrade to platinum status. Then, you can get access to the lounge, check-in, etc.

Now, what are the criteria to apply? The monthly income must be forty thousand AED. If you choose primary cards, the annual fees are 1575 AED. However, the fee for supplementary cards is 262 AED annually.

ADCB Signature Card

Just like Infinite, the ADCB Signature Credit Card also has a welcome bonus for every client. Its bonus is 25000 points. It will not only reduce your burden but also enhance your lifestyle. All transactions are in your hands. You have full control over it. Even, you can decide the plan for the monthly repayments. It has complete shield insurance that ensures your money will never waste in case of any incident.

It offers you 2$ instantly when you spend just a few AED. After the first time stay in the hotel, its status will upgrade to gold directly. With this status, you can checkout at any time especially if you have the option of late checkout. If you earn 20000 monthly, you should apply without the tension of rejection of your application.

When you will successfully complete one year, you will get a complimentary night stay in the eligible hotel. This offer will visible for sixty days after submitting the annual fee. It is a gift on the completion of one year of the card anniversary. The minimum stay is for 2 nights.

365 Cashback

This card is different from the above-mentioned ones because it will give direct cashback as its bonus. This cashback offer is on all sorts of spending. For instance, 5% cashback is on groceries and 6% is on dining. In addition, it sets a limit of providing more than one thousand AED monthly. Furthermore, the specialty of 365 Cashback Credit Card is that it is without any annual fee.

We all have an interest in entertainment also. When you buy a movie ticket through it, one ticket will be free. So, you can spend quality time with your loved one while watching a movie together. The purchase of 5000 AED in a month will make you eligible for a cashback reward. Likewise, for the welcome bonus, you will need to spend 5000 AED. Further, insurance is also compulsory to avail of the bonus.

You have also the option of transferring the amount to other ADCB Credit Cards. No matter if the bank is the same or not. Its convenient use makes it a valuable one. Besides, there is the option of 12% off on a specific hotel booking.

Betaqti Credit

Many cards are specifically for Emirates with numerous benefits. This Betaqti Credit Card is one of them. It is with the specification of metal laser-etched that also contains your name on the front side. After your approval, it will need little time to deliver to you because it will manufacture with your name. Thereby, you have all control of it. The annual fee is 2100 AED which is not too higher.

It offers TouchPoints as rewards and the welcome reward is TouchPoints of 300000. Just purchasing AED 1, the receive TouchPoints will 3. Numerous lifestyle benefits give you an amazing experience. You will enjoy a luxurious cinema time. Access to Gold’s Gym Club is complimentary. If you are a coffee lover, when you buy one coffee you will get another free by Caribou coffee.

Also, the great discounts on groceries allow you to buy more items. All travelers like this one of the amazing ADCB Credit Cards because of its travel benefits. The access to the airport lounge & wife is global. It is not specific to any one airport or specific location for Wi-Fi. It also has the feature of travel insurance. Thus, you can comfortably travel to any place and get medical help with any problem.

ADCB Etihad Guest Infinite Card

Every wonderful journey has some motive behind it. And, if you want a financial wonderful lifetime journey, ADCB Etihad Guest Infinite Credit Card is suitable. The annual fee is 2625 AED. But, a customer of ADCB Excellency will get 50% off on this fee. Its bonus is with the name of Etihad Guest Miles. And the welcome bonus is above sixty thousand miles. In particular, the monthly bonuses can be five thousand.

Like all other cards, it also has a specific credit limit. Whoever crosses this limit, cannot demand the Etihad Miles. The range of these miles is 50000 in a year. There is an addition of one Etihad Mile on every dollar. The auto debit choice is for the automatically do payments from the ADCB account.

The control on the card is full with the use of the ADCB app. Just sign in to your account and you will see the option of credit cards. There, you select the one which you want to control. The “Control Settings” is specific for any change in the use. For better managing your finance, set daily or monthly spending limits.

ADCB Etihad Guest Signature

Interest rate is also important in choosing ADCB Credit Cards. Unlike many others, the ADCB Etihad Guest Signature Credit Card is with less interest rate. And, it offers 55 days for interest-free use. All the methods for payments on any spending are convenient. It works on any cash deposit machine. However, the banking app is also useful in all situations.

On spending every two thousand USD, the bonus is also two thousand miles. You will take out this bonus only once time in a month. On every sort of purchase, there is a bonus of Etihad Miles. A customer will get a maximum of twenty-five thousand tier miles. The duration for its validity is twelve months.

For any amount of loan, you will need to send a message to “2626”. You can also call the bank directly. The bank will try to transfer the loan amount in only two working days. The enhanced protection is on all purchases. This protection includes providing a new free purchase if your previous new purchase item got damaged. Besides, its credit shield is like a life cover for your finances.

ADCB Etihad Guest Platinum

It is another category of Etihad Cards. This ADCB Etihad Guest Platinum Credit Card has a 525AED annual fee but the excellency clients will never pay the annual fee. The 1000 monthly bonus miles is equal to one thousand USD. The bank gives rewards to its loyal clients in this form. With a bonus on every purchase, there is also a welcome bonus.

Controlling any feature, the ADCB app allows you to do. You can allow which transactions will continue and which will not. In general, many times we do not want to do ATM cash withdrawals. So, it is also possible to block it for withdrawals of cash money from ATMs. For 90 days after the issue of the ADCB Credit Cards, you can use its balance transfer feature with a zero interest rate. The tenure to repay the amount is twenty-four months.

Parents love this Etihad Platinum because the interest rate is 0% on any school fee payment. Sometimes, in a financially tough situation, people worry about how to pay their child’s school fees. Thereby, the bank decides to help the parents as well. And, the repayment time is 12 months.

ADCB Traveller

Everyone loves the ADCB Traveller Credit Card which loves to travel a lot. The traveling may be due to do some work or to spend your vacations. All the incredible discounts on flying tickets, and staying will make your trip budget-friendly. Its annual fee is 1050 AED but clients also get a discount. On the official website of “ADCB World”, you can avail the advantage of twenty percent off on all international trips.

Particularly, the same discount is also available on the booking of hotels. There are so many offers of buy one & get one free. You can save a lot of money through their offers. With traveling offers, it also offers the best interest payment on school fees. You can pay the school fee without an interest rate.

The credit shield specification is for providing a good balance in any emergency. Every month, there is add up nominal charge that is for your future need e.g., illness. It is valid for a lifetime. The Emirates Loan helps you in choosing the payment plan. The duration can be a maximum of 48 months. No documentation is required for this procedure.

TouchPoints Infinite

Another name for TouchPoints Infinite Credit Card is an option for infinite possibilities. A lot of privileges will enhance the beauty of your lifestyle. Whenever you will spend 15000 AED, you will get the same bonus of 15000 points. Quality food is not cheap price. So, there is 20% off on high-quality food. With food, one movie ticket is free with the buying of one in many cinemas. In this way, you will give a treat to your friend also. Spend 1 AED gives you 1.5 TouchPoints.

The profit of these points is that when you collect enough points, you can use them for shopping, flight tickets, paying bills, etc. Some vouchers also offer you a free two nights stay in any hotel of your choice. Its annual fee of 1050 AED is mandatory. But if you are an excellency customer, you will only pay half of this fee.

It provides you with access to many top golf clubs. The best golf clubs charge a lot but this TouchPoints Infinite Credit is with complete access to a golf club. But, the requirement is to spend 5000 AED per month.

Touchpoints Platinum

For the first year of using the Touchpoints Platinum Credit Card, the annual fee is nill. The purpose of zero annual fees is to gain their customers’ trust that they offer the best services of credit. After one year, the annual fee is applicable but not too high. One year is enough to check its features and then you will surely satisfy when paying the annual fees for next year.     

Spending 10000 AED is compulsory if you want a reward of 10000 touchpoints. These points can also use for retail purchases. All merchant categories are different and points are also different for all categories. They are the same just like the guidelines of Visa & MasterCard.

With other travel benefits, it grants unlimited access to a complete airport lounge. As a result, you will spend a good time when staying in any airport for your next flight. Buying a car is crucial for your personal transport. But, if your budget is tight, taking the rental car is also not a bad idea. With these touchpoints, platinum cardholders get 20% off if they want to rent a car.

TouchPoints Titanium and Gold

This one is totally different from other TouchPoint cards. It comes with no annual fee. Even, the annual fee is not applicable on the second year of using also. The money you spent on TouchPoints Titanium and Gold Credit Card gets the same amount of points also. For Titanium & gold cardholders, the qualifying for points only continues through the spending on retail transactions. But, it never includes any disputed purchase.

You will surely be proud of being its cardholder because its deals are not limited to only one thing. The deals include food, entertainment, traveling, etc. When you travel to any new place, you can rent a car at a discount rate for your convenience. Your visit to explore new place become more adventurous. It is also suitable for family trips. Your children will never tire but happily enjoy the trip.

Transferring of balance with a zero interest rate makes your finances more stable. With no interest rate, the time period for repayment is also not shorter. It is up to twelve months. With just simple text or call, you can demand a balance transfer.

Lulu Platinum Card

This Lulu Platinum Credit Card associates with LuLu Hypermarket. It is specific for doing free shopping in the multinational company. Your spending will give you a chance of free purchasing of items. This company has items of all categories including food, electronics, and groceries. On every spending of one AED, the Lulu points will 5. These Lulu points can use at any branch of Lulu Hypermarket anywhere in the UAE.

When you received 5000 Lulu points, you will get a voucher of 50 AED. With this voucher, you can buy anything in the HyperMarket. Besides, the airport lounge access is everywhere. Download the app “Mastercard Buy 1 Get 1” and check all the latest discounts for Lulu cardholders. More than 900 offers are available in the app.

It has the specification of Auto Debit instructions. To activate it, just call “600 50 2030”. If you are not satisfying the call, you can visit any branch. And, then get all information. The annual fee is zero. Generally, it is also with a 0% interest rate on school fees.

Lulu Titanium Card

Just like Lulu Platinum, the Lulu Titanium Card is also exceptional for shopping in Lulu Hypermarket with the Lulu points. In this scenario, the 1 AED will convert into 3.5 Lulu points. Its 5000 Lulu points change into a 50 AED voucher. Airport lounge access is full. You will enjoy this complimentary access. For the use of card control, utilize the ADCB app. It is user-friendly and you will easily understand how to control it.

The cardholders have a facility to instantly get loans. There is no longer procedure for applying. Because you are already the bank’s customer, the approval of the loan proceeds will finish without the need for much documentation. All loans are with a low-interest rate. After knowing the information on all of such credit cards, now you will choose the right one for your needs.


In conclusion, ADCB (Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank) credit cards offer a wide range of benefits and features that cater to the diverse needs of cardholders. Whether you are a frequent traveler, a shopaholic, or someone looking for convenient payment options, ADCB credit cards have something to offer. With a variety of ADCB Credit Cards options available, customers can choose the one that best suits their lifestyle and spending habits.


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