Abu Dhabi Loan Without Salary Transfer

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Abu Dhabi Loan Without Salary Transfer

Many times, the borrower does not want to transfer his salary. So, in this scenario, the feature of the Abu Dhabi loan without salary transfer is available. Numerous outstanding banks have amazing specifications for getting loans without the need for salary transfers. Besides banks, financial institutions are also offering loans with no requirement for a salary. There is a too much-rising number of customers that take a loan from Emirates loan without the complex process of paperwork. You will only need essential documents like your Emirates ID for applying. In some scenarios, the lenders’ first preference is to make sure the applicant’s a valid passport & visa.

Features of Abu Dhabi loans with non-salary transfer

The features of an Abu Dhabi loan without salary transfer are great flexibility and the clients enjoy the interest rate also. Without any additional fees, you will get the debt immediately after applying for the application. Your request to avail loan will go into processing and then the lender finalizes the lender if your application will get rejected or approved. The prominent features of this non-salary transfer loan are:

  • Apply for the higher amounts of debt; applicants have the option to apply for more than 600000 AED.
  • The repayment time is also flexible of more than 48 months. It is only your choice how many months you require to repay the complete amount.
  • As you know this loan does not need to transfer your salary into the selected bank’s account. You can easily repay from your existing account.
  • Many lenders also give the best deal of insurance coverage. This sort of insurance is great for enhancing financial security.
  • The interest rates are of different types. You are free to choose the interest rate. These types are mentioned in the below point.

Interest Rate of Loans without Salary Transfer in Abu Dhabi

There are two attractive types of interest rates. In Abu Dhabi, you can select any of the interest amount types of your choice. These rates are calculated in the following ways:

Flat: Another name for this type of interest is fixed. The flat rate remains fixed for the whole tenure. It decides on the principal amount of the loans. Mostly, its range is from 4% to 7%. The amount will never reduce with the installments.

Reducing: The calculation of this reducing rate depends on the outstanding amounts of debts. Every time, the interest amount will reduce when borrowers make repayments. Generally, this rate is a little higher than flat but the positive thing is that it decreases after every installment. Its range is from 8% to 20%. However, the rates are also different in every lender’s terms.

Loans without Salary Transfer: Eligibility Criteria in Abu Dhabi

There are specific eligibility criteria that make a borrower eligible to apply and get the Abu Dhabi loan without salary transfer. No doubt, without the salary transfer factor of the criteria, you can get a loan. But still, you will need to meet other criteria. When you submit the application and want to qualify as soon as possible, you have to consider the below-mentioned factors. These factors are the basic demand for enhancing the applicant’s eligibility. Every bank has described them in their details, so read carefully and then take the next step of applying. These factors are not the same in lenders’ terms. But, the most common of them are:


Age is that criterion which is almost the same in every bank & financial institution. The teenagers will never receive any kind of loan. Even, if they want to apply for a low amount of debt also. So, the minimum age must be at least 21 years. The limitation of minimum age is similar for every ex-pat and national. But, there is a little difference in the maximum age limit. If you are a national, the maximum age criterion for you is 65 years. On the other hand, this factor for expats is 60 years.


If you want to not transfer your salary, you have to earn it in a steady way. In addition, the monthly income criterion varies from one loan provider to another. Therefore, the good idea is to only apply through your selected lender if your income is higher than their limit.

Company listing:

In Abu Dhabi, the providers mention the names of the company listing. If you are an employee of the mentioned companies, you will become an eligible applicant. You will get a preference to apply with no transfer of salary. However, applicants who work in non-listed companies can face little difficulty in getting approval.

Employment status:

Employment is a compulsory thing. The unemployed person will never get qualify and as a result, the application will reject. The status of salaried and self-employed borrowers gives surety to lenders that they will pay off. And such clients will also never be late in submitting the installments.

Work experience:

Your experience matters a lot especially if you are working in a non-listed company. In this condition, the long experience of working enhances the chance of your application’s approval. Many lenders set the working criterion of at least six months. Moreover, some require a minimum of 2 years of the applicant’s job.

In particular, these above criteria are the primary and some lenders have added more factors to the eligibility list. Ready every point of the terms, thereby you will know if you meet all the requirements or not. It will save you time because if you do not meet any criterion of one lender, you can choose another lender. In general, never waste your time if you are not fulfilling the required factors.

Documents Required for a Loan without Salary Transfer

The next step after ensuring you meet the eligibility criteria is the required documents. Non-salary transfer loans will only provide to you when you apply the form with all documents. These documents are the fundamental ones. Without submitting them, you will not get an instant approval on your application. Emirates Loan is an amazing company of finances that provides the best guidance on how to apply with the compulsory documents. For availing the loan of your choice with the non-salary transfer, the following is the requirement of documentation:

Form: The options for applying the form of loans without salary transfer are both online & offline. Proper filling out of its form is essential with no any error. Further, you will check all the details on the official websites of the respective banks or lenders.

ID card: You have your valid Emirates ID. This ID is crucial in Abu Dhabi also if you are serious to get a loan. Furthermore, the residence visa is compulsory to submit for all ex-pats. In addition, there is a need for a passport copy also.

Bank Statement: Bank statement should never be too old. It is a recent one of at least latest three to six months. This step is specific to the sanctions of loans.

Address proof: You will need to provide proof of your address. It shows you are living in Abu Dhabi and you have the validity to apply for an exceptional debt.

Employment document: For providing proof of your employment status, you will need a confirmation letter from your company. Many lenders demand this letter and also your salary slip.

The clients will need to submit more documents regarding the lenders’ demand. It is as essential as filling out the form. Do all the steps of applying wisely, so the maximum chance is to get instant approval.

Tips for availing Abu Dhabi Loan

Most of the applicants become so disturbed if their application got rejected. Then, they again apply and again they faced rejection of their debt request. In this condition, there are certain tips that ensure no applicant will pass through the stage of rejection from the lender. These tips are:

  • The banks state the eligibility criteria. To meet the eligibility, read the bank’s terms. If you will not meet any criteria, the consequence is a direct denial of the application.
  • The good score of the applicants enhances the chances of getting the debt quickly. Lenders trust such applicants more as compared to bad scores of the individuals.
  • Your monthly salary is higher which gives surety to banks about your good financial status. It shows you will efficiently pay down the debt in the tenure. In general, this period is more than four years. Thus, every borrower feels relaxed when they repay the installments.
  • It is not an effective way to apply for a loan from numerous lenders simultaneously. The reason for not doing it is that you will not fill and submit an application form with full focus. Give your attention to getting a loan from one lender at one time. Otherwise, too many applications at the same time will impact the approval of getting the amount.

The overall procedure of an Abu Dhabi loan without salary transfer is quite simple & easier. Particularly, the ex-pats can also get instant approval if they meet the criteria with nationals. This article is for the basic understanding of the application of loans in Abu Dhabi without the transfer of salary.

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